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The Kohler-K 2 Compartment Trash Can 2020

Trash cans are crucial additions to any home. They assist in keeping homes clean and tidy by storing garbage safely. However, trash cans do not have to look like the trash you store inside them. You require a stylish, functional and beautiful trash can. Trash cans also greatly enhance your home d├ęcor. The best 2 compartment trash cans are sturdy and durable for long-lasting utilization.

They are also effortless to operate and feature a simple humanized design. Some even come with a built-in bag dispenser for quick and easy changing of the bag. Actually, the best trash can must keep the trash covered and will not require your hands to open. If you are struggling to find the ideal trash can that fits your requirements, you can continue reading our 2 Compartment Trash Can Review.

Selecting the Best 2 Compartment Trash Can is not as straightforward as some people may think. This is where we come in and help our readers search for the best and proven trash cans. These are sleek modern design trash cans with excellent features to keep the trash contained and safe.


Best 2 Compartment Trash Can 2020

Best 2 Compartment Trash Can Review


  • Finger-proof resistant
  • Quiet close lid
  • Dual 5.5 gallon trash and recycling bin
  • Space-saving design
  • Hands-free operation


The sleek and functional design sets the Kohler-K Dual Compartment Step Trash Can apart from most dual waste bins on the market.

The sturdy and durable step and slow-close lid make for quiet, dependable operation day in and day out.

Inside is a removable inner bucket that secures the bags in place and makes taking out the trash mess-free. Non-slip rubber feet keep everything in place and secure.


Shape and design For 2 Compartment Garbage Can

This is a slim design trash can suitable for fitting the tightest of corners and it is an exceptional quality trash can to purchase with confidence. The trash can has a slim and elongated design to fit between the toilet and vanity.

Moreover, the trash can features a fingerprint-proof design and can2 Compartment Trash Can stay cleaner much longer. It is a premium quality trash can with a foot-pedal and the foot pedal allows for a hands-free operation keeping your hands free of germs.

Overall, this is a quality trash can with a lid that closes silently and the trash can also feature a removable inner bucket liner and built-in tabs for effortless bag securing.


Fingerprint coating For 2 Compartment Recycling Can

With a stainless steel body, this trash can is fingerprint-proof and manufactured to stay clean for longer. It features a removable plastic liner and a locking rim for effortless cleaning and bag changes while the hinges are designed to protect the wall from scuffs.

This trash can is operated with a metal foot pedal for convenient hands-free operation and is designed to be utilized with any 13-gallon trash bags.


Dual Recycling and trash can

This clean-lined, 2 compartment trash can consists of two 5.5-gallon liners that hold trash and recycling or separate paper and cardboard from the rest of your recycling.


Hands-free operation

With a durable foot pedal providing hands-free opening and a lid that closes gently and silently, this 2 compartment trash can is smooth, quiet and easy to utilize.


Hinge design

A clever hinge design safeguards your kitchen, ensuring the lid won’t bash the wall when opened.


Finger-proof resistant

The fingerprint-proof stainless steel exterior stays neat, clean and attractive, while the interior plastic liners conveniently slide out so they can be emptied and cleaned.



  • Matte brushed stainless steel finish
  • Slow-close lid with no exposed hinges
  • Interior ring secures and conceals bags
  • Fits standard 13-gallon tall kitchen trash bags


  • When stepping on the pedal to open the lid, it causes the rim to jump, which produces a loud clanging noise as it falls back down.


The Kohler 2 Compartment Trash Can simplify your daily trash routine at home and meet the style demands of its surroundings. This step trash can features a robust foot pedal and single lid design for both trash and recycling departments. If you rather need a dual trash can with separate lids then we recommend the Songmics Multi-Compartment Trash Can which is designed with both dual lids and pedals.