Amazon Basics Trash Can - 32 Liter Review
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Amazon Basics Trash Can Review

Trash cans like the Amazon Basics Trash Can is pretty much standard equipment in the kitchen by now and without it, the room would surely turn into a big chaotic and unhygienic space within a very short amount of time. And that’s not how we want to do it in this modern age of civilization.

The Amazon Basics Trash Can 32 Liter pedal and lid combo is also why this trash can, even though only recently released, has already been a success.

Amazon Basics Trash Can - 32 Liter Review
Amazon Basics Trash Can - 32 Liter Review

Amazon Basics 32 Liter Soft-Close Metal Trash Can Overview


  • Hands-free foot pedal
  • Soft-close lid
  • Smudge resistant
  • Non-slip rubber pads


Hands-free foot pedal

This is a 32 liter metal-coated rectangular trash can with a hands-free foot pedal and black finish. The weight of the metal casing, in comparison to a plastic one, is fairly more reassuring.

Amazon Basics Trash Can - 32 Liter Review

The moment you pick it up and assign it to a space in a room, you can see that the occasional banging— if that’s even a thing at all— won’t be a bother to its overall balance, which is also supported by the wide rectangular base.

The bottom, unlike the body, is designed from plastic to protect the floor as well as prevent skidding.


Soft-close lid

The soft-closing lid might be considered unnecessary, but it’s an essential feature in reality, especially to a metallic step can. The lid’s importance to a receptacle is somewhat vague, much like a door to a room or a cap to a bottle.

Soft-close lid

Sometimes, it’s fine not to have a door or a cap, but sometimes, it can ruin everything completely— meaning it’s something to bear in mind. The soft-close lid also reduces noise from opening/closing and extends product life span.

Smudge resistant

The receptacle is fingerprint-proof, smudge resistant, and has a durable painted metal exterior. The heavy-duty interior plastic bucket can be effortlessly removed for convenient waste disposal.

Smudge resistant

It features an alluring finish that complements ideally with modern stainless steel appliances. A step activated lid adds convenience, by keeping trash and its unsightly odors solely within the confines of the interior plastic bucket.

Touching the body of a trash can is pretty minimum most of the time and the only time when you should worry about smudges is when you need to move the can, which is not a typical task even in the busiest kitchens.


Non-slip rubber pads

The non-slip rubber pads keeps the unit in place on all types of flooring and the special lock design between lid and bucket keeps the lid open for easy garbage bag changes and disposal.

You can easily remove the Amazon Basics Trash Can by lifting the metal handle to clear the contents then slide it back inside when finished.

The non-skid base also prohibits the bin from slipping or tipping over, making it great to use within or outside your home.

Pros & Cons

  • Special lock design
  • Heavy-duty interior plastic bucket
  • Fingerprint-proof
  • Reduces noise from opening/closing
  • May be too small for some


With a practically full-metal construction, it’s difficult to imagine an immature failure or damage. Still, if fate has it, there is a chance, however slim, that one of you may end up with a faulty receptacle.

That’s when warranties come into play, and it should be the final obstacle to your long, happy years with your new Amazon Basics Trash Can.