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Best 16 Gallon Dual Trash Can with Lid Reviews

For obvious reasons, it will be difficult to choose a dual compartment trash can, when there are so many to pick from. Not all these 2 compartment recycling bins are made equal. You’ll find sizes ranging from 8 gallons all the way up to 26 gallons. Some of these models can only be operated by batteries or AC Adapters while others use feet pedals to open and close the lids. One of these models is the Organize it All 16 Gallon Dual Trash Can with Lid.

Why settle for a kitchen trash can with a single compartment when you can get one with 2 compartments for about the same price. Not only will you save money but you and your family will create the habit recycle items. This will also have a positive impact on the environment.

We will have a look at the best selling points, pros and cons so you can make an informed decision before investing in this kitchen recycling bin.

Best 16 Gallon Dual Trash Can with Lid
Best 16 Gallon Dual Trash Can with Lid


Organize it All 16-Gallon Dual Trash Can Review


  • Multiple compartments
  • Stainless steel
  • Independent lids
  • Dual step pedals
  • Dual removable buckets and handles
  • Non-skid base


Multiple Compartments

Multiple compartments let you store recyclables and waste in one easy to access place before dumping it into your curbside bin. Each compartment of this 16-gallon dual trash can with lid consists of 2 x 8-gallon departments. These sizes should be big enough to accommodate at least one or two days of trash and recyclables.

It is not recommended to throw both waste and recyclable items into one outside trash can. Rather invest in an outside rubbish bin that supports recyclables and waste.


Stainless steel

When deciding on a dual trash can the first thing you should look at is what type of material the bin is made from. Stainless steel should be the obvious choice because it is easier to clean and will blend in with your kitchen décor. The Organize it All 16 Gallon Dual Trash Can is manufactured from stainless steel materials to:

  1. Prolong the lifespan of this model
  2. Make it easier to clean
  3. To fit any kitchen décor


Dual trash cans like the Simplehuman 26 Gallon Dual Trash Can is engineered with a single lid for both trash and recycling departments, while the Organize it all 16 Gallon Dual Trash Can is manufactured with independent lids for both departments.

With these independent lids, each compartment can separately be emptied, open or closed. Both lids are made from solid black plastic to reduce fingerprint and smudge marks.


Dual step pedals

For easy identification of each department, these dual step pedals have been color-coded. One blue pedal for waste and one green step pedal for the recyclable department.

The advantage of using dual step pedals also prolongs the lifespan of the individual pedals. When using only one step pedal for both recyclable and waste compartment chances are that it can wear out quicker.


Dual removable buckets and handles

The Organize it All 16 Gallon Trash Can also feature two removable removable inner buckets with handlesinner buckets for easy transportation and emptying of waste. These buckets also prevent residue from accumulating on the inside of the bin.

Also for easy transportation of recyclables and waste, both buckets come with stainless steel handles. This is to prevent unnecessary waste from spilling on your floors. These buckets are easy to clean and can also be replaced in case of accidental damage.


Non-skid base

To protect your flooring from scratches Organize it All has attached a thick rubber non-skid base on the bottom of the bin. This is also to prevent the bin from moving around whenever you take out the trash or stepping on the pedals.



  • Side-by-side dual compartment recycle bin; with 8-gallon independent bins
  • Constructed from stainless steel for longevity and plastic liners for durability
  • Details include foot color-coded foot pedals, stainless steel bucket handles, and independent lids.
  • Wipes down for easy for cleaning; smaller size and 3 compartments is also available
  • Measures 23-1/8 inches wide by 13-1/2 inches deep by 25-1/2 inches high



  • There is no touch sensor available
  • Pedals are soft and cheaply made



The Organize it All 16 Gallon Dual Trash Can with lid is useful for larger families who accumulate waste faster than smaller families. This dual recycling bin is also available in a smaller size (8 Gallon Dual Trash Can) and (12 Gallon Triple Compartment Trash Can.) Features include side-by-side recycling bins, removable buckets with handles and independent color-coded pedals.