hembor dual trash can
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Best 2 Compartment Garbage Can 2020

A 2 compartment garbage can is the most popular type of trash bin today. It contains a side-by-side container with 2 compartment trash can. These dual bins generally have two buckets with different colors. It will be easier to remember what type of trash belongs to each bucket. The number of households and offices that sort their trash and recyclables are steadily increasing. And because of this, trash manufacturers are providing various kinds of trash bins. These trash cans have multiple buckets so it will be effortless for you to sort your waste.

2 compartment garbage cans come in different sizes and shapes. You might find containers with equally sized compartments and some dual trash bin has one large and one small bucket.

Selecting the best 2 Compartment garbage can for your home or office does require some thinking. If you think trash cans are just a container for your waste, you are very wrong. It can also assist in enhancing your kitchen interior.

2 Compartment Garbage Can

HEMBOR Dual Trash Can, 16 Gallon Step Rubbish Bin


Hembor Dual Trash Can is a convenient and effortless way of sorting your waste and recyclable. This trash can has 410 brushed stainless steel that prohibits fingerprints marking. The can is simple to clean and keep it shiny for a long time. Plus the highly durable. Hembor Trash Bin has a rectangular silver look trash bin that can effortlessly fit any space because of its slim design.

It blends perfectly with your home interior with its elegant and attractive design.


Bigger Capacity for 2 Compartment Recycling Bin

This 16-gallon trash bin comes with two removable inner barrels, which make sorting simple. The inner bucket has a metal handle that you can effortlessly lift when the garbage bag gets ruptures and leaks. The can is 26 inches high, so you don’t have to bend over when getting rid of your trash, which makes life easier.


High-quality Disposal Can

Trash can adopts 410 brushed stainless steel that can effectively prevent fingerprints, with no difficulty in keeping it spotless for a long time. It can be placed freely and is extremely sturdy and well built. The trash can has a rectangular silver look that is stylish and beautiful, which blends extremely well with your home style.


Closes Silently and User-Friendly

Hembor Trash can have ABS hydraulic slowdown design, which automatically closes once you release the pedal and it operates quietly. The durable stainless steel pedals are easy to utilize by both children and adults. The side handle makes the trash effortless to move. Dismantling the plastic inner bucket is easy when disposing of the waste and the manufacturers offer a one-year quality guarantee. The anti-slip base also enhances the stability of the trash can.

This 2 compartment garbage can is made of high-quality stainless steel which is durable and stable. Anti-fingerprint, removable inner bucket with handles on both sides, effortless to clean and move the dustbin, keep it clean at all times.

It can be utilized in the kitchen, bedroom in home and office to bring you a clean and quiet life, which is a must-have choice for your family and working life.



  • Inner buckets can be easily disassembled.
  • Anti-slip base enhances the stability of the trash can
  • Soft and silent opening and closing.


  • It might be too pricey for some.


The Hembor dual trash can is one of the Best 2 Compartment Garbage Cans on the market in its price range. This model from Hembor features all the necessary improvements of what you can find in a high-end model.