5.3 Gallon Dual Compartment Trash Can
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Alpine 20 L Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

The Alpine Industries 20 L Dual Compartment Trash Can is a waste and recycling bin that can be used as an additional source of style and decor that’s suitable in any environment. The trash can features a large diameter opening for waste disposal access. And will also keep your space clean of rubbish and make it simple for trash disposal on the go.

There can be a lot of things to consider when shopping for a commercial trash receptacle. Combining commitment, design innovation and skilled, dedicated workforces, Alpine has produced an exceptional trash can that are an essential part of every commercial facility.

Deciding on a budget is the obvious place to begin when thinking about purchasing a trash can. The amount you are prepared to spend can impact the features, size, and material of the garbage bin.

Best 20 L Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

Best 20 L Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

Alpine 5.3 Gallon Dual Compartment Trash Can Overview


  • Dual compartments
  • Color coded liners
  • Build for longevity
  • Wide openings
  • Functional design
  • Durable construction
  • Space-saving
  • Quick liner change

Dual compartments

If you’re searching for an attractive solution for sorting trash and recyclables in one convenient location, this 2 compartment trash can fits the bill.

Not only are these two compartments perfect for segregating trash and recyclable, but it can also function as a dual can for disposing trash in high-traffic areas.


Color coded liners

It is furnished in yellow and black for easy identification, each trash can comes with two, rigid plastic liners that fit inside a single base. Performing best when bins are utilized as containers for disposable trash bags.

Color coded liners

You can stretch a trash bag around the top of each bin and then cover the bins with the single lid to hold garbage bags securely in place. In addition to prohibiting the bag from falling inside the bin, this practical design delivers a professional look.


Build for longevity

The Alpine Industries 20 L Dual Compartment Trash Can is durably constructed making use of brushed stainless steel to offer long-term strength and use for years to come.

This robust material is resistant to corrosion, fire and impact to stand up to heavy-duty, commercial use and everyday wear and tear.

Furthermore, stainless steel is resistant to smudges and germs so it always remains clean and spotless.


Wide openings

Featuring large diameter openings for waste disposal access, this stainless steel trash can makes it effortless for trash disposal on the go.

These wide openings are huge enough to accommodate bulky items and recyclables with ease, allowing individuals to toss out garbage with touch-free convenience.


Functional design

Both the Simplehuman 5.3 Gallon Dual Compartment Trash Can and the Alpine Industries 5.3 Gallon waste and recycling bin is not just a garbage can – it’s also an additional source of style and decor that’s suitable in any environment.


Durable construction

Featuring a stylish design which is compact in size to accommodate medium- to large-sized spaces, it’s available in 20-liter (5.3-gallon) and 40-liter (10.5-gallon) capacities to meet everyone’s requirements.



This 20 L Dual Compartment trash can is created out of stainless steel. Finger proof design enables you to have a clean trash can for long. It also features space-saving profiles hence you can place it in tight corners.


Quick liner change

The quick liner change makes it effortless to use the unit. It is extra strong hence it can assure you extended services and it is a regular trash can you can have in your space.



  • Tall and narrow design
  • Double compartments
  • Easy mobility
  • Brushed stainless steel


  • Top of bag is inadequately concealed


Your garbage bin may be something that you overlook, but think about it. You make use of it every day. Don’t you want the best kitchen trash can money can buy? That’s why we think the Alpine Industries 5.3 Gallon Dual Compartment Trash Can will make a great selection to your home.

Every kitchen has a receptacle, but not all trash can models are the same and neither are all trash can brands so you need to consider size, model, shape, material, usability as well as brand and kitchen trash can reviews to make your final choice.