Rubbermaid 23 Gallon Slim Trash Can with Lid
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Best 23 Gallon Slim Trash Can with Lid Review

Choosing the proper trash can for your home does require a little bit of thought. So you should focus on the aspect of the trash can that those home decorating shows tend to gloss over — practicality. Now that we’ve got that out of the way you should consider a have favorable size in mind. A 23 Gallon Slim Trash Can with Lid is one of those sizes and shapes that’s widely been used by homeowners.

You’ll be utilizing your trash can several times per day, and it should fit your requirements at least as much as it fits your décor and practical isn’t always pretty, after all. So that’s why we introduce the 23 Gallon Slim Trash Can with Lid.

Best 23 Gallon Slim Trash Can with Lid Review
23 Gallon Slim Trash Can with Lid

Rubbermaid 23 Gallon Slim Trash Can with Lid Overview


  • Wide design with small footprint
  • Quiet lid closure
  • Convenient foot pedal
  • Internal hinge design
  • Liner retainer band


Wide design with small footprint

Designed with stainless steel components, the receptacle’s internal mechanisms are corrosion-resistant for long-lasting smooth operation.

So if you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive over stylistic and long-lasting in your kitchen garbage can, the Rubbermaid 23 Gallon Slim Trash Can with Lid is a good option.


Quiet lid closure

The quiet-closing lid is arched to prohibit warping even after repeated use, while the internal hinge protects walls from damage.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim Step-On Plastic Trash/Garbage Cans

We’re not the only ones who love this trash can and we also like this receptacle because it has a smooth hinge on the trash can with a lid that fits tightly to contain odors inside.

However, pets can easily gain access to the garbage can, although the taller height of the can could make it trickier for animals to tip the can and spill it.


Convenient foot pedal

Constructed with increased foot clearance compared to previous step-on trash cans, the durable foot pedal is tested to 300,000 steps for a long life.

Convenient foot pedal

Its stainless steel pedal makes it effortless to open and offers it a bit more sturdiness than a plastic pedal. The lid also stays open even after you remove your foot, making it simpler to change bags.


Internal hinge design

The slim trash can also allow some of the tightest spaces to be utilized productively for maximum efficiency. As mentioned before, the internal hinge design prevents wall damage and the low price point of this plastic trash can offers its biggest advantage versus steel cans.

The product features a lid that’s effortless to remove, and the slim rectangular shape enables you to tuck it into tight places. Reviewers say this is an extremely sturdy plastic trash can and it does a great job of keeping odors contained.


Liner retainer band

Featuring a retainer band and cinch, this Rubbermaid Slim Jim trash can swiftly and securely holds trash bags. These innovative design enhancements prohibit most bags from sliding down to help maintain a clean receptacle.

Liner retainer band

Like many Rubbermaid products, it has an extremely durable plastic construction that outperforms other plastic kitchen trash cans. However, the plastic construction can’t match the durability of a steel can over the long run, but it’s much lighter if you have to move it.



  • Space-saving design
  • Hands-free waste disposal
  • Lid closure reduces noise
  • Rigid arch lid design prevents warping


  • Complaints of lid popping off the hinges



If you have a large family, you know how troublesome it can be to have your trash can fill up in a day. No one wants to take out the garbage that frequently.

So you can easily solve this problem with a product like the 23 Gallon Slim Trash Can with Lid as it’s an oversized model that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.