Best 23 Gallon Trash Can with Foot Pedal Review
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Best 23 Gallon Trash Can with Foot Pedal Review

When it comes to selecting the best step trash can that fits your requirements you will look at some of your preference, taste among others. This review is to give you the best trash cans in the market. The Safco 23 Gallon Trash Can with Foot Pedal is a receptacle that you can rely on for a long time because they have been designed with the customer priority in mind.

It is great in large kitchens and break rooms, but also ideal for placement along walls in garages, workshops and warehouses. Safco’s Plastic Step-Operated Hinged-Top Trash Can offers you and your employees, co-workers and visitors a reliable, hands-free way to dispose of everyday waste and garbage.

Best 23 Gallon Trash Can with foot pedal Review
Best 23 Gallon Trash Can with foot pedal Review

Safco Plastic Step-On Trash Can Overview


  • Hands-free operation
  • Rigid plastic frame
  • Perfect for every space
  • GREENGUARD Certified product


Hands-free operation

The 23 Gallon Trash Can with Foot Pedal provides sanitary, hands-free disposal of waste so you never touch the lid.

Safco Products Plastic Step-On Trash Can

The commercial-grade foot pedal opens the cover effortlessly for waste disposal and the lid closes tightly to keep odors contained.

The intelligent hands-free design includes a lid that closes automatically after each use concealing odors and hiding waste so you can put your foot down on trash with this hands-free solution.


Rigid plastic frame

The rigid plastic frame features hooks for keeping trash bags in place. Smooth surfaces and rounded corners make cleaning simpler for more efficient and effective maintenance.

The good news is that the trash can is effortless to wipe down with a wet cloth and care for with the rectangular style, and it adds a great look both indoors and outdoors.

Crafted from quality plastic materials, it will serve you well over the years. You can also purchase the Amazon Brand – Solimo Multipurpose Drawstring Trash Bags as each bag has a 30 gallon capacity.


Perfect for every space

The finished dimensions are 19 3/4″W x 16 1/4″D x 32 1/4″H. Weight: 14 lbs and the capacity is 23 gallons. It is perfect for break rooms, offices, workrooms, craft rooms, kitchens, warehouses as well as other high traffic areas.

23 gallon capacity garbage can

It is also ideal for use on outdoor patios, meeting spaces, cafés, hotels, recreational and picnic areas, corporate and college campuses, boardwalks, malls and tourist attractions.

The pedal operates smoothly and the fact is that you don’t have to touch the lid at any given time for it will open smoothly and close after you have thrown your garbage inside.

Additionally, you can utilize this step-on trash can at work or at home it is convenient for both since it is big enough to hold a lot of trash.


GREENGUARD Certified product

When you have your trash bag ready, you can find the integrated hooks on the sides of the can edge towards the back and loop the bag edge over them.

That’ll assist in keeping the garbage bag in place whenever you’re adding handfuls of refuse to the receptacle.

This product is also scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards—helping minimize indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure to assist in creating healthier indoor environments.



  • Large 23-gallon capacity
  • Hinged lid for convenience
  • Rigid plastic construction
  • Smooth surfaces and rounded corners


  • Pedal mechanism that raises the lid will not stay attached



The23 Gallon Trash Can with Foot Pedal is making it ideal for the individuals who simply require a convenient solution for waste transfer.

Lastly, the garbage can is fairly strong. While it may not be steel like the Sensible Living Trash Cans, this plastic item with hard accents is designed to last.