23 Gallon Trash Can with Lid
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Best 23 Gallon Trash Can with Lid Review

Garbage is one of those things that you never really think about, unless it’s piling up around you. The fact of the matter is, however, we’ve been dealing with waste for our entire existence. Disposing of waste in a bin without a proper lid can lead to unwanted smells hanging in the air. This is why you need this 23 Gallon Trash Can with Lid to keep foul smells inside the garbage can.

There are various types of kitchen trash cans with lid available on the market but you have to find one which is suitable for you. If you are searching for a trash can that has a bunch of features and which will provide you the opportunity to pour the waste without difficulty then the Rubbermaid Untouchable 23 Gallon Trash Can will live up to your wildest expectation.

Best 23 Gallon Trash Can with Lid Review
Best 23 Gallon Trash Can with Lid Review

Rubbermaid 23 Gallon Garbage Container with Lid Overview


  • Venting channels
  • Built-in bag cinches
  • Large capacity
  • Durable resin material
  • Easy to clean


Venting channels

The 23 Gallon Trash Can with Lid has air venting channels at the bottom of the container to enable trash bags to be removed easier.

This trash container with venting channels is ideal for hotel lobbies, offices, restrooms, shopping malls, restaurants, as well as other public locations.

Venting channels

The unit is cleverly created and efficient enough to help keep your patio or backyard as clean as possible. The clean, rectangular dimensions enable it to be tucked into corners or set along a wall, and while it’s still quite heavy, a handle in the back assists in lugging it around.


Built-in bag cinches

The liner cinches built into the rim of the basket allow for knot free trash bag retention and it is made from high density polyethylene, which withstands moisture and chemicals.

Rubbermaid 23 Gallon Trash Can Built-in bag cinches

The design of the lid reduces odor escape, keeping your outdoor areas smelling great all year round.


Large capacity

The Rubbermaid square container shape holds 25 percent more than a circular receptacle and the large 23 gallon capacity enables longer time between emptying trips and its space-saving design definitely meets your expectation.


If your kitchen area is rather small, you have nothing to worry because this garbage can is a space saving so you will able to keep it in a tiny area.

You can also keep it in the corner because its rectangular shape design can fit in the corner effortlessly.


Durable resin material

The resin material is extremely durable and crack resistant, even under tough indoor/outdoor conditions.

weather resistant

This Rubbermaid trash can consists of a sleek square design for a professional image and it also boasts a contemporary design to suit most decors and features durable and long lasting resin construction for years of dependable outdoor utilization.


Easy to clean

If you have a garage or workshop, this square garbage container can effortlessly slide into a corner for easy trash disposal. The shiny appearance makes it an amazing addition to any decor.

The seamless plastic construction makes for no leaks and a simple to clean surface. Perfect to sit in the open, paired with a swing or recycling lid; or you can conceal the container under a fixture or counter.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim Plastic Rectangular Trash/Garbage Can with Venting Channels and the Amazon Brand – Solimo Multipurpose Drawstring Trash Bags is also good products to go with this trash can.



  • Seamless plastic construction
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Durable and crack-resistant
  • Resin material


  • Plastic is thinner than previous models



Rubbermaid containers are a popular product on the market for its superior design and extraordinary performance.

If you are looking a hands-free trash container to replace your current one then the 23 Gallon Trash Can with Lid will be the best for you as it will undoubtedly meet your expectations.