Slim Jim 23 Gallon Trash Can with Venting Channels Review
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Best 23 Gallon Trash Can with Venting Channels Review

To keep waste contained a trash bin is an outstanding solution and this is where the 23 Gallon Trash Can with Venting Channels comes in.

A trash container is an essential or workshop or household object. It plays a crucial role to keep your kitchen or workspace in a neat and tidy way by consealing waste from plain sight. Waste can be really revolting so we have to keep it concealed because it typically spreads harmful germs and it generates offensive odors.

You’ll find no shortage of great reviews for the Rubbermaid Slim Jim 23 Gallon Trash Can. If we hadn’t seen what this trash can could do for about the same price as other models, we wouldn’t have expected a lot for the money.

Best 23 Gallon Trash Can with Venting Channels Review
Best 23 Gallon Trash Can with Venting Channels Review

Rubbermaid 23 Gallon Slim Jim Trash Can Overview


  • Effortless bag removal
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Space-saving shape


Effortless bag removal

Slim Jim trash cans and recycling bins are created with 4 built-in venting channels that allow airflow throughout the container. This air circulation minimizes the vacuum effect that occurs when lifting out liners of traditional containers.

effortless bag removal

The venting channels make removing liners from the container up to 80 percent simpler, improving productivity and decreasing the risk of back injury and the 4 bag cinches secure liners around the rim of the container and create swift, knot free liner changes.

You can also purchase the Rubbermaid Commercial 268888GY Slim Jim Waste Container Handle Top as it provides easy access for waste disposal as well as the Amazon Brand – Solimo Multipurpose Drawstring Trash Bags as it Includes 50 multipurpose garbage bags with red drawstring closure for effortless tying and carrying.


Ergonomic handles

The robust handles at the base and rim of the container withstand tearing and improve control while lifting and emptying. The rib strengthened rim withstands crushing while the step design prohibits jamming when nested.

rubbermaid slim jim ergonomic handles

By minimizing the pull force required to lift out liners by up to 80%, the 23 Gallon Trash Can improves productivity and minimizes the risk of injury.

The 23 Gallon Trash Can is also very popular for its large capacity as it can contain 23 gallons of waste, which is really incredible. As a result, you will able to utilize the container in your home kitchen area beside the restaurant.


Heavy-duty construction

The Slim Jim Rectangular Trash Can is designed from the highest quality commercial-grade materials for superior durability.

It is also great in any environment, from commercial businesses and restaurants, to your own home kitchen, garage, or even bathroom.

trash bag cinches

A wide variety of lids and dollies are also available to enhance their productivity and enable them to blend seamlessly into any environment.

Yes, it’s plastic (which may be less attractive and typically less durable than stainless steel), but the material is surprisingly sturdy.


Space-saving shape

The 23 Gallon Trash Can with Venting Channels is crafted to make waste management compliance more effortless and reduce strain on workers.


The tall and slim profile of the container enables it to save space and stay out of your way and the dimensions are 11 inches x 22 inches x 30 inches.

Though it’s slender, the ergonomic shape gives it a slightly smaller capacity than a standard can, this design choice enables it to unobtrusively fit into tight, awkward kitchen spaces.



  • Robust handles at the base
  • Quality commercial grade materials
  • Knot-free liner changes
  • Great in any environment
  • Tall and slim profile


  • No lid included
  • Complaints of trash can arriving dirty



This trash can is ideal for those who don’t want automatic dual trash cans. It holds more trash so you actually utilize the whole bag, is effortless to empty and replace the bag, and its shape and profile fits nicely against the wall.

Its slim and space-saving shape makes it excellent for the most of tight spaces and it fits a space nothing else would fit, and it is almost invisible in the kitchen, which provides the feeling of more space.