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Best Dual Garbage Can with Vertical Dual Wings

Dual garbage cans are an essential part of keeping your house clean. Almost every room requires a trash can, making them a necessary investment in the way your house looks and how clean you can keep it. That said, not all dual garbage cans are created equal. One of the most prevalent designs is of the ‘step trash can’ variety, specialized containers that are available with step controls so that you don’t have to touch the grimy lid with your hands.

The EcoFly garbage can provides the crisp lines of a rectangular stainless base and a black scissor motion top. The vertical alignment of this trash can enables it to fit in spaces other cans may not, allowing you greater flexibility for sanitary, touchless waste disposal.

Best Trash can with dual vertical wing lid


  • Unique scissor motion lids
  • Durable foot pedal
  • Polypropylene liner with cut-out bag fixer
  • Fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel
  • Soft-close damper lid


Fingerprint Resistant Trash Can

The black, dual-flap lid features a striking contrast to the brushed stainless steel of the Eco-Fly garbage can. Add the fact that the finish is fingerprint resistant and you know it will stay looking sleek for a long time. The vertical design lets this trash can fit into smaller spaces, taking up less room with the same capacity.

With stepped on the durable pedal, the scissor top opens, but this space-saving feature allows it to fit under counters while still opening all the way. The polypropylene liner has a cut-in plastic bag fixer to hold your trash bag in place.

Foot Pedal Operation Recycling Bin

This Ecofly garbage bin from EKO opens its lids to you if you want to dispose of the waste. This trash bin is effortless to operate by means of a foot pedal. The lids proceed open to the side, just like the wings of a beautiful butterfly.


Slim design

The slim design and narrow-side pedal make this garbage bin suitable for narrow spaces.


Dual compartments for both recyclable items and trash

You can easily separate the waste thanks to the dual compartments. Is the garbage can in the way? Then you can easily move the bucket anywhere you see fit thanks to the built-in wheels and handle on the front. The outside of the garage can is fingerprint-resistant.

Step trash cans supply several improvements over regular trash cans, and anyone should purchase them. One of the biggest problems with trash cans is that you have to touch them to utilize them.


Touchless operation

Touching the garbage can transfers germs and bacteria back onto your hands and can make a mess. Step trash cans resolve this issue by enabling you to utilize your foot to open the can. This minimizes the amount of germ and bacteria transfers that occur so that you can avoid illnesses and messes.



Customers who have this garage can in their home have been very satisfied with it. Many praise the design, saying it looks excellent in their kitchens, while others have said that most importantly, they never smell the trash while it’s in there.

And thanks to its narrow footprint, one customer said it’s great for even an adequately small kitchen. And the majority of those who have reviewed it say that they would definitely recommend it.



  • Fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel.
  • Unique scissor motion top requires less clearance.
  • Big lid design for tossing in more at a time.
  • Vertical alignment enables placement in more spaces.
  • Durable foot pedal mechanism for touchless operation.
  • Soft-close damper lid.


  • The butterfly doors are plastic instead of uniform stainless steel.



The black, dual-flap lid showcases a striking contrast to the brushed stainless steel of this model. The unit with its slim design will fit any kitchen decor. The foot pedal is well constructed providing you with hands-free operation.