best dual trash recycling can
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Best Dual Trash Recycling Can 2020

A Dual Trash Recycling Can is the most commonly utilized household appliance, and it remains a universally useful product especially in the kitchen. The regular trash recycling can is no doubt handy, but nothing beats perfection as a dual trash recycling can. Call it an automatic trash can, a motion sensor trash can or a touchless trash can, but these recycling cans stand out as the most convenient garbage cans for waste disposal.

Nine Stars is a very well trusted company that makes excellent recycling cans. And it is a little more premium-looking than the iTouchless trash can, thanks to the better quality plastic and the metallic look of the lid. This is one of my favorite touchless garbage cans and it has many reasons to be your favorite too.

Best Nine Star trash can combo set


  • Soft-close lid
  • Removable liner
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Non-skid base
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Durable pedal
  • Trash can combo


The Nine Stars stainless steel touchless trash can makes throwing trash effortless to give you a clean environment. It is a hands-free model that can be perfect for utilization in the bathroom and office aside from being kept in the kitchen. It detects motion within 10 inches of the infrared detector and will close automatically after three seconds when you remove your hand from the sensor. This recycling can is oval and durable enough to serve you for a long time.



I love its design, it is definitely premium and elegant looking and has a stainless steel body. Unlike many other similar products the stainless steel utilized here is Anti-fingerprint commercial grade one, while I don’t know about the ‘commercial grade’ part it doesn’t show any fingerprint markings at all.

This Nine Stars dual recycling can have a kind of oval shape with dimensions 16.3(W)x11.2(D)x24.4(H) inches. It is wider than the iTouchless trash can but not as taller making it more stable, sturdy and difficult to knock over. It has a capacity of 13.2 gallons and has a mouth wider enough to pass a 1-gallon jar through it and doesn’t have any air holes and instead has a downward tapering to allow easier removal of bags.


Ease of use

The oval shape makes cleaning the Nine Stars Stainless Steel Trash Can effortless. It has a smooth interior allowing effortless removal of any debris. There is an On/Off switch below the lid section to lock it when it’s not being utilized. It uses 3 C size batteries. The battery lasts for approximately 6-9 months for regular usage (not as good as the iTouchless product).



When compared with the Multi-Compartment Trash Can the Nine Stars trash can have some pros and cons. The pros include better design, more stability, better barrel access, and neater look by concealing the garbage can completely. The cons include low battery life and an inadequate lack of a carbon deodorizer.

There are some complaints about the hinges breaking easily and the warranty not covering that, I see that as a serious issue for a product perfect in all other aspects.


Liner change

One thing I particularly like about this product is, you can totally conceal the garbage bag making it look very clean and neat. The garbage ring has enabled folding the rest of the bag to the inside of the can, thus avoiding any of it hanging outside.


Motion sensor

The infrared sensors can detect movements within 10 inches and it also has open and close buttons and in case you want to operate it manually, there is a hand holder on the lid. You can either utilize the batteries to power it or utilize an ac adapter (None of these are included with product). The lid is air and prohibits any odor from spreading.



  • It manufactured from excellent quality plastic.
  • You can hide the garbage bag making it look clean and neat.
  • Infrared sensors can detect movements within 10 inches.
  • Has open and close buttons for manual use.



  • The switch on/off is inside the trash can.
  • Moisture may get into the battery box.
  • The battery box is inside the trash can.



With the NineStars Recycling combo, you get the 30L and 1.2 Gal. stainless steel step trash can. One which you can use for the kitchen and the other for your office or the bathroom.

Both are manufactured from the best quality materials to prolong the lifespan of these units. These dual recycling bins are from the house of NineStars which is a leader in manufacturing home and office products.