Best Large Dual Compartment Trash Can
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Best Home Recycling Bins

Most people utilize garbage or Home Recycling bins in their kitchen. This is the area in your home where most of your daily trash appears. We suggest getting the best home recycling bins with a recycling compartment. These two home recycling bins are ideal for sorting kitchen waste. You can utilize one of the buckets with garbage and the others with recyclables.

A double compartment or dual trash can has two side-by-side compartments for separating trash and recyclables. This makes a dual recycling bin an excellent companion for your household when you are in search of just one waste bin to collect waste and recyclables. Generally speaking, dual compartment trash can takes up less space than two single-purpose bins and it is much more convenient. Again, we suggest labeling each compartment of your trash can with a recycled sticker.

There are different types of kitchen recycle bins, because not all kitchens are similar, of course. You can purchase a kitchen trash can in all kinds of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Do you have a tiny kitchen? Then you can look for a slim or narrow sized home recycling bin. You can also search for a pull-out kitchen trash can that you can install in a kitchen cabinet. These type of pull-out recycling bins are also perfect if you want to keep your trash and trash can out of view.

If your kitchen trash horrifies you to the point that you refuse to come close to touching the trash can, a step trash can is an answer. And our favorite model with this feature is the iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual Step Trash Can & Recycling Bin.

Best Home Recycling Bins
iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual Step Trash Can & Recycle Bin


  • 2 Removable inner buckets
  • Finger-print proof
  • Stainless steel design
  • Independent pedals
  • Replaceable sir damper


Stainless steel design

The iTouchless 16 Gallon has a long-lasting construction quality and the lid mechanism’s rating for 100,000 openings represents an impressive performance level. You can buy a version of this trash can that runs from an AC adapter as well.


Removable buckets of iTouchless Trash Can

With some stainless steel trash cans, the garbage bag liner fits straight into the main body of the can. However, you can also find trash cans with removable buckets that you can fit your garbage bag into or even use without a garbage bag. Some people find removable buckets highly convenient whereas others find them more awkward to use.

Neutralizing Odors of iTouchless Garbage Bin

The can have a carbon filter built into the shell, which performs great at neutralizing odors. Aesthetically, it looks elegant and stylish with a stainless steel/black or stainless steel/platinum design.


Ring mechanism

The iTouchless can doesn’t include an inner liner. Instead, you’ll utilize a ring to hold the garbage bag in place. Unfortunately, the real-world usage of this ring mechanism was a huge hassle.

As with any high-tech appliance, there may be bugs, so just be aware of that if you opt for a touchless trash can. Regardless, this is the best touchless trash can you can purchase.



  • Sharp looking trash can utilizes a standard size 16-gallon trash bag.
  • Long-lasting lid mechanism runs from battery or AC adapter.
  • The replaceable air damper means you can renew performance to like-new in no time.



ยท Lack of liner may make swapping trash bags difficult.



Well, with a trash and kitchen recycling bin you have a dedicated container in your house to collect all your recyclables. In this way, it is clear for you and your family where to store all the recyclable waste materials.

It will surely give you a fulfilled feeling when you see a recycling bin at the end of the week full of sorted recyclables. This means your household contributes to a circular economy, and this is something to be proud of.

We hope you found this review helpful.