Best kitchen garbage disposal
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Best Kitchen Garbage Disposal Trash Can

A kitchen garbage disposal with a motion sensor is called an automatic trash bin, touchless trash can or motion sensor trash can. They all technically mean the same. These bins are designed with an infrared sensor which, while activated by hand, opens the lid via an internal motor. So you don’t have to touch the bin at all, which makes these types of bins hygienic in use. It is perfect for the home. Most of the sensor bins work on batteries, but some of them can also function with an AC adapter.

The less you and your family need to touch garbage disposal can, the more you prevent spreading germs and bacteria. Because of the infrared sensor, you don’t have to touch the bin at all unless you want to replace a full trash can of course. So if you require a trash can that is hygienic and safe to use, a touchless trash can with motion sensor is a type of bin to look at. An alternative for these types of bins is step-on trash cans.


Fingerprint Resistant Coating of Trash Can

The stylish Mirage Motion Sensor trash garbage disposal can, brushed in a stainless steel finish with a fingerprint-resistant coating, is a sanitary addition to your home. Providing the convenience of hands-free operation, this can fit flush against your wall or cabinet. An intelligent sensor opens when, and only when, you need it to. With the soft close feature, the lid gently and quietly closes. A simple touch switch will hold the lid open for longer when needed. The EKO Mirage has an easy-to-remove inner rim that holds the bag in place and facilitates effortless removal and replacement.

Kitchen Garbage Disposal Trash Can

Kitchen Garbage Disposal Trash Can Review

Size capacity of the EKO Mirage recycling bin

The EKO Mirage Trash Can, made of stainless steel, the trash can permits waste disposal in large quantities, due to its size capacity. The main characteristics of the product are the elements of sensor panel and battery terminals that require regular cleaning, the narrow lid, and the automatic sensor, the on-off interface, and lid for automatic closure.



Further on, the proper installation of the batteries is required in order for this model to function at its best. In addition, alkaline batteries should be utilized only.


Motion sensor

Another advantage of this touchless trash can is that these bins are extremely difficult to open for cats, dogs, and other pets. So if you have a dog walking around in your house that is always curious about the inside of your kitchen trash can, you may want to consider a sensor bin. Though it isn’t guaranteed that all motion sensor garbage cans are cat and dog-proof. It mainly depends on the type of sensor and how clever your pet is to open the lid.


Modern look plus a sleek design

The EKO-Mirage is a functional and attractive-looking sensor bin, it really looks sleek and modern in your home. The lid opens very swiftly when the sensor detects motion from your hand. When required you can also open and close the lid by pressing a touch-button on the rim of the trash can. The automatic bin requires six AA batteries and the trash bags are kept in place by the removable rim, which allows for effortless removal and replacement.



  • Open and close the lid by pressing a touch-button.
  • Extremely difficult to open for pets.
  • Fingerprint resistant coating.
  • Hygienic and safe to use.



  • You have to remove the whole frame, with the two holders to replace bags.



The Mirage Stainless Steel trash can features an intelligent sensor mechanism for a soft close lid. The hands-free operation minimizes the spread of germs throughout your living space. Unlike the Simplehuman Dual Trash which is manufactured with a foot pedal, this uniquely designed bin only needs the wave of your hand to operate.