Best Kitchen Step Trash Can and Recycle Bin Review
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Best Kitchen Step Trash Can and Recycle Bin Review

To find a receptacle that ticks off all your boxes, we spent hours on research and evaluated everything from hands-free automated trash cans to simple plastic trash cans. And the AVV Kitchen Step Trash Can and Recycle Bin are perfect as it has one bin for garbage and the other for recycle.

A 2 x 8 gallon capacity, the food pedal design allows for hand free opening, soft close lid, and odor free, fingerprint resistant and is the ideal trash can for anyone.

Best Kitchen Step Trash Can and Recycle Bin
Best Kitchen Step Trash Can and Recycle Bin

AVV Kitchen Step Trash Can and Recycle Bin Overview


  • Fingerprint-resistant
  • 2 foot pedals
  • Hydraulic slowdown design
  • Built-in charcoal filter



This is a 23.5 L x 13 W x 25 H inches (36 H inches with lid open), dual compartment trash can with 8 gallon/each capacity, one for recycling and the other for trash.

Fingerprint-resistant dual trash can

The stainless-steel finish is fingerprint-resistant and slightly matte, which provides it with a stylish look.

The top lid is quiet as a whisper and any standard grocery-store bag will fit nicely and securely in the trash can, it’s well-built, sleek, sturdy, and reliable and the lid opens and closes silently, and all odors are contained easily.


2 Foot pedals

It is a step trash bin with 2 foot pedals with a hands-free opening, can stand all the way against the wall, with 2 handles on the which makes it easy to move.

dual trash can with dual foot pedal

You always have to find a way to get rid of debris from your home so think of how a 16 gallon trash can help you not only organize better but keep the home much cleaner.

Having this type of environment can give you a peace of mind by enabling your home to be even more of a place of rest.


Hydraulic slowdown design

The double combo trash can consists of a hydraulic slowdown design active when the foot pedal is released and the lid close soft and smooth so there’s no banging each time the lid closes.

Hydraulic slowdown design

To set the lid to stay open, you should release the pedal and push the lid to 90 degrees. It will stay open until you push it down again and it’s perfect for scraping off plates or cutting vegetables.

The trash can has a black plastic bucket inside the actual trash can that lifts out for you to put the 10-13 gal trash bag in, the bins are watertight, so you can simply hose it out to clean it. The lid of the trash can also prevents dogs or other pets from picking out the trash.


Built-in charcoal filter

The stainless steel lid close securely and no odor escapes and it comes with a built-in charcoal filter to control odors and keep your kitchen order free and smelling fresh.

The AVV Kitchen Step Trash Can and Recycle Bin is made of high quality 410 brushed stainless steel, it’s fingerprint resistant and easy to wipe.

Pros & Cons

  • 8 Gallon/each capacity
  • Hands-free opening
  • Soft close design
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Odorless
  • N/A



You deserve a chic-looking kitchen trash can and just because it does the dirtiest and most thankless job—containing and concealing all your kitchen garbage—doesn’t mean it can’t be a paragon of form, function, and fabulosity.

Since a kitchen trash can has to accommodate wet and perishable waste, the ability to contain smells and stay clean mattered most to the AVV Kitchen Step Trash Can and Recycle Bin can and it’s the perfect fit for most families.