best large dual compartment trash can
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Best Large Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

Dual trash cans are available in various sizes. You can expect to pay more for a larger size dual compartment trash can than for a smaller one. There are also other benefits to consider when investing in a large dual compartment trash can and one of those benefits is that you don’t have to empty the trash can every day. These types of dual waste bins are recommended for large size families, hotels and shopping malls. The iTouchless 16 Gallon Touchless Sensor Trash Can is one well-built kitchen waste bin that we will review down below.

Easily Separate recycling and trash with the 16 Gallon iTouchless Trash Can Recycler. Each compartment contains two 8 Gallon / 30 Liter inner buckets that separate trash from recyclables. Both compartments feature automatic, sensor-activated touchless lids. Just place your hand inside the sensor zone and the lid will open automatically – no touching needed! This feature reduces the spread of harmful germs across surfaces. Cleaning this model will take up less time than cleaning a normal kitchen trash can. This is due to the high quality brushed stainless steel which is fingerprint and smudge-resistant.

The design itself is lightweight yet sturdily built while the ABS plastic lids open wide enough to empty the bin with ease. This waste bin also features four caster wheels, making it effortless to move around the kitchen area. Other features include:


Best Large Dual Compartment Trash Can

Best Large Dual Compartment Trash Can Review


  • Locking lid cover keeps the lid firmly in place while keeping odor inside
  • Powered by 4 D size batteries (not included) or optional AC Adapter (sold separately)
  • Fits standard size 10-gallon trash bags. No custom bags required.
  • 1 Year Warranty included
  • Dimensions: 23 inch D x 14 inch W x 22 inch H


Unique Lid Status Alert

This large dual compartment trash can is manufactured with a unique lid status. This status alerts the user (solid green) the lid is in stay open mode and (blinking red) the lid is about to close.


It won’t close on your hand

The Reflx technology automatically reopens the lid when it senses the movement of your hand within the sensor zone. This reduces the change of your hand getting stuck between the lid and the trash or recycling compartments.


Fingerprint-Proof Stainless Steel

This model likes most of iTouchless Dual Trash Cans are designed with brushed stainless steel for easy maintenance. This metal is easy to clean, fingerprint and smudge-resistant. Just use a damp cloth and wipe down the unit to make it look as new.


Battery or AC Adapter Power

You can choose between to operate the iTouchless Large Dual Compartment Trash Can with either batteries or an AC Adapter. These add-ons are sold separately and without these items, you won’t be able to enjoy your newly bought trash can.


Space-Saving Design

Even though this kitchen trash can might seem big but designed with a slim profile to place in between kitchen cabinets or freestanding against a wall.


Bulky Trash is No Problem

Emptying bulk trash can be uncomfortable with a bin that’s the lidbest dual trash can with wheels reviews only open a few centimeters, not to mention accidental damage to the lid can be massively increased. But with this 16-gallon sensor trash can, this negative aspect is widely reduced. Both lids have an extra-wide 10.5’’ opening which makes disposal and emptying of trash a choir.


Energy-Efficient for Longest Battery Life Available

The iTouchless Sensor Trash Can is designed with an energy-efficient mechanism. This feature only draws battery power when the lids are in operation. 4 D size batteries may last up to 18 months depending on use. Saving you on time and fewer battery purchases.



  • UNCONDITIONAL PROMISE – The company assures you 100% satisfaction backed by a Full-Service Manufacturer’s Promise for 2 years which include a dedicated Customer Support Line(see user manual for details)
  • EFFORTLESS and HYGIENIC – This model is designed with Touchless Sensors to operate the open and close of individual lids.
  • EASY SEPARATION OF TRASH & RECYCLING – Both compartments come with their individual removable inner buckets, one for trash and the other for recyclable items.
  • MANEUVERABLE – 4 robust removable caster wheels are included in the purchase so you can move the waste bin from one room to the other or around the kitchen area.
  • FINGERPRINT-PROOF STAINLESS STEEL – A high-quality grade stainless steel metal is used to manufacture this large dual compartment trash can. This makes the trash can easy to clean while being smudge resistant and fingerprint-proof.
  • 2 POWER OPTIONS – Powered by included AC Power Adapter or 4 D batteries (not included)


  • Batteries and AC Adapter is not included
  • The lid can sometimes get stuck (check that batteries are strong enough)



Stainless steel trash cans look modern, last longer and don’t compromise your kitchen décor. The larger the bin the less likely you need to empty the inner buckets each day. Like said before the larger the model the more you will pay.

In this Best Large Dual Compartment Trash Can we’ve looked at the features, pros, and cons of the iTouchless 16 Gallon Sensor Trash Can. Most consumers have found this model helpful in their daily trash and recycling tasks. There are cheaper models on the market like the SongMics Multi-Compartment Recycling Bin but it lacks sensor technology.