Subekyu Mini Desktop Wastebasket
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Best Mini Countertop Trash Can with Lid Review

Making use of a wastebasket could play a vital role in keeping your counters clean. It is essential to keep the counter area clean as it is a vital part of your house since you use it regularly. This Mini Countertop Trash Can from Subekyu will make it effortless for you to manage your waste, and it can also be a great decorative asset.

Best mini countertop trash can with Lid Review
Best mini countertop trash can with Lid Review

Subekyu Mini Desktop Wastebasket Overview


  • Desktop wastebasket
  • Conceals trash bags
  • Effortless to clean
  • Lightweight design


Desktop wastebasket

The small size countertop waste bin makes it not take up spaces and its ideal for putting on the office tabletop, bathroom vanity countertop, and many other desktop places.

The exterior part that is designed with durable plastic makes the product long-lasting.

The product design is smart because there is an inside plastic bucket and additionally, it’s cool to have for the tiny trash can as we all can throw tea bag, straw paper and other tiny objects.

As a result, the small trash can is great for offices but also your bedroom.

Conceals trash bags

The Subekyu Mini Countertop Trash Can with Lid conceals trash bags so it always keeps your countertop neat. The mini design and simple color can make the desktop look tidy and beautiful.

The Subekyu Mini Countertop Trash Can with Lid conceals trash bags

Furthermore, the lid comes well sealed; therefore, it can keep waste well enclosed inside the trash can.

The trash can’s capacity is 0.4 gallon and aside from that, Subekyu is an excellent tiny trash can to have for office, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.


Effortless to clean

The lid clicks open and closed very effortlessly with a fingertip. The outer surface is “matte” while the inside is smooth for simple cleaning.

This trash can is good for the environment as it is made with plastic that is an environmental-friendly material and the plastic is just not toxic to the environment.

You can also purchase the Mini Countertop Wastebasket Trash Can Plastic Bags as it is designed to stay neatly concealed but more importantly are strong and durable without tearing or leaks.


Lightweight design

It has a unique and clever design that provides it with a modern look. You can actually hang it and utilize it with ease. You would find it effortless to clean plus it is designed to be durable with the dimensions being 8.6″W x 4.3″D X 5.1″H.

lightweight design

Moreover, the product is extremely slim. That makes an ideal tiny trash can to place anywhere around your offices or homes and the plastic lid is great as well because it’s finger proof-resistant.

This Mini Countertop Wastebasket Trash Can Plastic Bags plus the SUBEKYU 0.3 Gal Mini Desktop Trash Can with Lid is usually bought with the SUBEKYU mini countertop trash can to complete the trash can package.



  • Doesn’t take too much space
  • Mini design and simple color
  • Outer surface is “matte”
  • Perfect for counters


  • May be too small for some



Not everyone requires a tiny trash can, but still there are many people who see a need for a tiny trash can to throw away those small tissues, makeup sponges, peels of pencils and other tiny stuffs into those small and compact trash cans.

All in all, it isn’t difficult to choose a small trash bin. You can consider the features of the Subekyu mini countertop trash can with Lid review above or go with your gut instinct or both.

In this review we are offering the best tiny trash can with lid available in the market for everyone of us sincerely.