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The SONGMICS Multi-Compartment Recycling Bin 2020

Your kitchen is the main area in your home where most of your garbage appears. Think about all the food scraps, fruit peels, plastic packaging, and metal cans. All this waste needs to go somewhere and to prohibit that your recyclables end up on landfills, it is recommended to utilize the right multi-compartment recycling bin.

A kitchen trash can is a tool that helps you to sort, separate and organize all of your kitchen waste with much efficiency. if you are looking for the perfect trash can that fits your needs, look no further, and read our review on the SONGMICS Multi-Compartment Recycling Bin.

What are the best recycling containers to utilize in your kitchen? It depends on how many waste streams you may want to sort and collect with your trash can. For most households, we do suggest a multi-compartment recycling bin, such as a dual trash can or triple trash can. These space-efficient bins are utilized to sort multiple waste streams in your kitchen. But you can also utilize a tilt-out or pull-out trash can to hide your bin and trash out of sight.


Multi-Compartment Recycling Bin.


Multi-Compartment Recycling Bin.


  • 60-liter capacity
  • Dual compartment
  • Stainless steel design
  • Finger-proof resistant
  • Removable inner bucket


The Songmics 16-gallon waste bin double is a twin container garbage can and this model is manufactured to hold both your kitchen waste and household recyclables. It comes in a very sleek and elegant looking stainless steel finish which has an anti-stain and fingerprint coating.

The lids open via a double foot control pedal mechanism with both lids having a great airtight seal for complete hygiene control. It’s not the cheapest on the market but you are practically getting two trash cans for the price of a single mid-range one.


The capacity of the Multi-Compartment Trash Can

Keep your recyclables organized and separated without ever getting your hands dirty with the Songmics 16 gallon double trash can. This 16-gallon stainless steel bin contains two 8-gallon compartments. Each side has an independent sensor that lifts when garbage is within 5 inches.


Hands-fee design

The dual step pedals minimize the risk of cross-contamination of germs. This model has 2 separate lids which is designed for a soft close. These lids open up to 80 degrees to make it easy for trash removal.


This recycling waste bin set has an excellent shape as its sharp squareness lends to kitchen space economics. It’s a great size and its ability to separate trash from recyclables was fairly attractive although its not very sturdily built though.


Dual compartment

Designed to handle your waste and recyclables, SONGMICS trash can with two separate compartments is a perfect refuse solution for sorting recyclables, compost, and other garbage.



Effortlessly sort trash and recyclables with the removable inner dual compartments of 8 gallons each. You can open each compartment separately with the sturdy foot pedal.


Fingerprint proof

The bin is also fingerprint-proof.


Soft-close lid

The soft closure ensures the lids will close smoothly and softly.


Fingerprint Coating of the Multi-Compartment Garbage Bin

The simple, hands-free step pedals enable you to sort your items into separate removable inner buckets; the lids close slowly and silently without a loud bang. Finished in an anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish, this recycles bin matches any color scheme excellently and keeps your kitchen neat and clean.

The best multi-compartment recycling bin doesn’t have to look like garbage; SONGMICS dual pedal trash can is sleek and stylishly fits into the background, making it perfect for your home.



  • It can hold kitchen waste and household recyclables.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Open each compartment separately.



  • Foot pedals may not function efficiently.



With this model, you get the best of both: a recyclable and trash can in one. This waste bin is designed to stay stable on the floor even when empty. It is available in brown, black and silver to fit any kitchen decor. Upgrade your kitchen trash can with the SONGMICS Multi-Compartment Recycling Bin and stay ahead of the curve.