Best odor control trash can
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Best Open Top Odor Control Trash Can

Garbage is a fact of life, but who said trash cans can’t be chic? If they’re going to do the dirtiest and most thankless job in your home—containing and hiding waste—why shouldn’t they also be models of form, function, and fabulosity? We think they can. That’s why we’re doing a deep-dive into one of Simplehuman’s dual waste bins, the 66 Liter Open Top Odor Control Trash Cans.

A surprising number of factors can come into play when choosing the perfect trash can. Price is usually determined by materials utilized, with plastic models (which also tend to be lighter) proving more affordable, while stainless steel tends to command a higher price. That’s because stainless steel is generally better-looking, more durable, and easier to clean. It also normally comes with some kind of warranty.

The rectangular Simplehuman 66L is a well-built and stylish looking trash can for your kitchen. The dual compartment bin for waste and recyclables is beautifully designed, durable and effortless to use. The inner buckets (which are removable) are equally sized and which fits standard kitchen trash bags.

The trash can contains a hidden compartment to store spare bags, a so-called liner pocket and the bin is extremely odorless. The stainless steel material has a fingerprint-proof coat to safeguard it from smudges.

Best Open top dual trash Can
Best Open top dual trash Can


  • Semi-round open top
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel
  • Easy, quick line change
  • Convenient side handles
  • Dual trash and recycling compartments


The shape of Garbage Bin

This bin has a slim and narrow shape, which makes it perfect to squeeze into small spots. The split lid opens beautifully and closes smooth and silent, all with the strong and durable steel pedal. The brushed stainless steel looks great and makes the bin very elegant looking.

You can utilize the side-by-side bins to sort your household recyclables, such as plastic, leftover vegetable, and fruit. The lid will stay open while you throw your trash in one of the buckets. You can also place the Simplehuman 66L trash can flat against your wall.


Foot Pedal and Liners of Recycling Can

This garbage can is a reliable winner in a bevy of “best of” lists, and our review is no exception. The 66L trash can is about as glamorous as waste containers get. The gleaming, stainless steel unit (which also comes in various colors like black, white, bronze, or rose gold) has custom-fit liners that dispense from inside the trash can.


Patented Shox technology

A wide rim that both secures and obscures the bags, a lid with patented “Shox” technology that facilitates a smooth, silent close, and a steel foot pedal supposedly designed to sustain 20 steps a day for 20 years.


Space-saving design

Clean, rectangular dimensions enable it to be tucked into corners or set along a wall, and while it’s still quite heavy, a handle in the back assists in lugging it around.

There’s no question that this remarkably designed, brushed steel basket is a real looker. Its slender dimensions enable it to fit snugly in odd corners of your kitchen, and its split butterfly lid, with two doors that open from the center, make for easy under-the-counter clearance.



It too has all the fun Simplehuman extras, featuring the indestructible foot pedal, custom-fit liners, and a fingerprint-resistant finish.


Internal hinge

An internal hinge allows you to set it against the wall without scratching, and the lid stays open until you close it, which is helpful for drawn-out tasks.



Yet even with a handle in the back, the sheer heft and torpedo shape makes it troublesome to move around, and it can’t be denied—at this price, this is one costly trash can.



  • It has a slim and narrow shape.
  • Well-built and stylish looking.
  • The inner buckets are equally sized and fit standard kitchen trash bags.
  • Inner buckets are removable.


  • The sheer heft and torpedo shape make it troublesome to move around.
  • It might be costly for some.


Simplehuman has been providing quality trash cans for decades. The company has become a household name throughout the world with there innovative designs. The 66 Liter Odor Control Trash Can is one of those designs that is purely simple to use but still presents a tasteful look in any kitchen or wall way. Their models come in different shapes and sizes to choose from and one, in particular, is the Simplehuman 58 Liter Dual Compartment Recycling Bin.