Best Oval Dual Compartment Trash Can Review
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Best Oval Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

It goes without saying that pretty much any kitchen requires a trash can. That being said, trash cans can be eye sores and can stink up your property with stinky odors. Also, garbage cans that are not tucked away in a cabinet can easily be tampered with by a pet or child. With so many different types of 2 compartment kitchen trash cans on the market we’ve reviewed one of the hottest dual waste bins (Oval Dual Compartment Trash Can) on the market.

A dual trash can is a waste bin that has two compartments for sorting and separating recyclables and waste in the office canteen or kitchen at home. This waste can include fruit or vegetable waste, metal, plastics, or paper waste.

The YJSBIZ Simple Oval Press-typed Small Trash Can contain convenient compartments to help you save up your floor space as they can easily fit in the corner of your room.

Best Oval Dual Compartment Trash Can Review
Best Oval Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

Best Oval Press-typed Small Trash Can with Lid Overview


  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Press top lid
  • Sortable card slot
  • Easy to install
  • Portable design
  • Waterproof penetration
  • No-slip bottom


Perfect for small spaces

This oval dual compartment trash bin can hold up to 8.5 Liter/2.25 Gallon of garbage and the trash can is slim and narrow, fits well in bathrooms, offices, restroom, room or wherever space is limited.

The slim design is compact and space saving, but it can still hold 2.25 gallon of debris in your kitchen.


Press top lid

You can simply press to open that trash can, and the cover will automatic pop up and fix, lidded it by pressing back softly.

The close lid is soft and the lids adopt slow down closing technology, open and close softly with no noise.


Sortable card slot

The double liners enable you to classify the trash for recycling, can and you can install two garbage bags. The internal liner is the removable plastic portion that comes with the trash can, which makes it effortless to switch bags and clean.

YJSBIZ Simple Oval Press-typed Small Trash Can with Lid

These are almost always constructed of a plastic material, and if they get dirty you can take them outside and simply spray them down with a hose. While not a crucial addition to a trash can, it’s a great bonus to have.

Easy to install

After packing the garbage bag, the plastic shell can be easily fixed, and the removable bucket can lift out for easy trash disposal, to keep clean and no odor.


Portable design

The double opening carrying handle makes it more convenient to move the trash can from room to room or directly pour garbage out and it can also be used outdoors.


Waterproof penetration

The material of the trash can matter a lot. Ideally, it should be a material that can last for a long time. Also, it should be easily washable material as it will help you in keeping the trash can in perfect condition.

The durability of the trash can is directly dependent on the material of construction which is why the waterproof penetration is a great feature on the YJSBIZ Simple Oval Press-typed Small Trash Can.


Non-slip bottom

The bottom of the trash can is fitted with non-slip rubber pads and this prevents the bin from scooting around on the kitchen floor.


  • Slim and narrow design
  • Soft lid close technology
  • Double liners for easy waste sorting
  • Removable inner buckets
  • Double opening carrying handle


  • No cons



Whether you are searching for a oval dual compartment trash can for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or office, you always find one that matches your style and taste. If you’re choosing a dual trash can for your kitchen, then you should definitely select the YJSBIZ Simple Oval Press-typed Small Trash Can.

The level of hygiene is extremely high, especially when handling food. With so many trash can products available in the market, you need to understand them more and your requirements too before making your purchase so we really hope this review helped you out.