best small sensor trash can review
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Best Small Sensor Trash Can Review

A trash can is an essential in every home. We all need it in order for our daily life’s to run smooth and without any inconveniences. Over the year’s receptacles has improved massively and has acquired many new features that we didn’t even know we needed. One particular waste bin is the NineStars Small Sensor Trash Can.

So if you are searching for a trash that features a motion sensor that opens automatically, a lid clouser that seals in odor and a fingerprint-resistant design for a clean, spotless look, then you are at the right place as the Ninestars 1.9 Gallon Motion Sensor Trashcan encompasses all those features.

NineStars 1.9 Gallon Motion Sensor Trash Can Overview


  • Infrared motion sensor
  • Delay sensing technology
  • Touch-free motion sensor lid clouser
  • Removable ring liner


Infrared motion sensor

The Small Sensor Trash Can features an IPX3 Splash proof infrared motion sensor which prevents moisture or any accidental spills from damaging the unit.

ipx3 splash proof sensor

The Ninestars brand also provides you with a hassle free process with their dedicated customer service line and at no additional charges for your defective parts.

The motion sensor is one of the best features on this model because you don’t have to use your hands when throwing away waste, you can simply stand over the receptacle and it will open automatically.


Delay sensing technology

Delay sensing technology preserves battery life and prohibits any unnecessary opening from pets, children, or simply walking by.

This feature comes in handy as it maintains the battery for a longer life span. The only downside to this feature is the fact that you will have to stand over the bin a bit longer than usual to get rid of debris.


Touch-free motion sensor lid clouser

The touch-free motion sensor lid clouser seals odor in and eliminates cross-contamination. This feature allows you to eliminate the chances of odor as well as bacteria since you don’t have to physically touch the bin.

delay motion sensor technology

The bin does require 2 AA batteries but this is not included. Duracell batteries are highly recommended for the best performance.


Removable ring liner

The removable ring liner holds the trash bag sturdy in place and prohibits the bag from overhanging for a neat and clean appearance. This small sensor trash can can also be placed anywhere in the home as it fits in with any décor.

You can also make use of any standard trash bags or NINESTARS custom trash bags NSTB-3-30 if you require a perfect fitted bag for your waste. The compact design is also great for fairly small homes and it also works well in the bathroom or bedroom.



  • Seal odor in and eliminate cross-contamination
  • Fingerprint-resistant design
  • 9 gal hands free trash can
  • Variety of colors


  • Sensor may be undependable at times



The Ninestars small sensor trash can is a appliance that definitely makes life a little bit easier since it helps with clean-up as well as unwanted odors in the home.

Trash cans are an essential part of keeping any place clean and spotless.Almost every room needs a trash can, making them a requirement in the way your house looks and how clean you decide to keep it.