Joseph Joseph 30061 Intelligent Waste Totem Max Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Unit with Compost Bin
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Best Trash Can with Compost Compartment Review

A Trash Can with Compost Compartment must be solid and highly practical. A bet on the score garbage that plays on a daily basis and put some design in the kitchen, where space is limited, go for the Joseph Joseph 30061 Intelligent Waste Totem.

Form and function may not always spring to mind when looking to purchase a new kitchen trash can, but they are worth thinking about when selecting an item that is not only used every day, but often proudly out on display.

Trash cans are available in two main types, the concealed, which we can keep in a kitchen cabinet or the visible or freestanding can that sits out on the kitchen floor like the Best Trash Can with Compost Compartment, Joseph Joseph 30061.

Best Trash Can with Compost Compartment Review
Best Trash Can with Compost Compartment Review

Joseph Joseph 30061 Intelligent Waste Totem Overview


  • General waste compartment
  • Multi-purpose drawer
  • Removable compost bin
  • Space-saving design
  • Updated construction
  • Ventilated odor filter


General waste compartment

A general waste compartment at the top enables easy access to the removable inner bucket.

The bucket features angled corners to allow effortless bucket removal, integrated bag hooks to provide additional trash separation, and air holes to remove bags more simply.


Multi-purpose drawer

The multi-purpose drawer at the base features an interchangeable inner bucket. The drawer pulls out completely and features a sliding base.


Removable compost bin

This waste totem features a wide opening for easy filling and can be stored neatly inside the top or bottom compartment, or on the counter.

The lid features a hook, allowing it to be stored on the side of the removable compost binTotem when in utilization and has a bag retaining hole for excess bag management.

A multi-purpose drawer sits at the base of the product. Offering flexible use, this comes with a removable divider that’s ideal for separating different types of recycling and features specially designed hooks that enable you to fix 2 standard carrier bags inside.


Space-saving design

The innovative vertical layout creates a compact footprint and ensures buckets are effortless to fill and empty.

This trash can with compost compartment is an innovative system that integrates all your waste and recycling requirements in one neat unit.

The general waste compartment at the top includes liner-retaining holes if you’re utilizing standard liners instead.


Updated construction

The bin features strong, engineered stand and robust, easy-clean steel compartments, and keeps your recycling requirements in one neat unit and the removable inner bucket also takes custom-fit liners.


Ventilated odor filter

ventilated odor filter

Improved airflow technology enables air to pass through a carbon filter thereby minimizing moisture, the main cause of unpleasant odors, which is great since this means you won’t have to deal with unpleasant smells at home or while cooking.



To help you make the right decision we have narrowed down our selection based on the reviews received on Amazon on the Trash Can with Compost Compartment.

The updated Joseph Joseph 30061 Intelligent Waste Totem from the previous Joseph Joseph Waste Totem is smart, strong and affordable and will easily find its place in your home.