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Cq acrylic Dual 12 Liter Bathroom Trash Can Review

The Cq acrylic Dual 12 Liter Bathroom Trash Can with Lid is created to be lightweight and easy to move to different locations in your home, enabling you to effortlessly take out garbage and placing a new liner in easily without any difficulty.

This receptacle is one of the best on the market as it consists of many different features you and your family may need. This is also a fairly inexpensive option next to others on the market right now.

Cq acrylic Dual 12 Liter Bathroom Trash Can with Lid
Cq acrylic Dual 12 Liter Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Cq acrylic 3.3 Gallon Garbage Container Bin Overview


  • · Large capacity
  • · Simple and elegant appearance
  • · Consists of a double barrel
  • · Slim design for narrow spaces
  • · Quality assurance

Large capacity

The Cq acrylic Dual 12 Liter Bathroom Trash Can with Lid measures 12.6×6.3×11.8 Inch with the lid open and it has a 3.2 Gallon/12 liter capacity which is perfect for homes with smaller surfaces.

small dual compartment

This dual compartment bin can be utilized in the bathroom, bedroom or even kitchen as it has a sleek, elegant look that corresponds with most interior spaces.

Simple and elegant appearance

The lid clicks open and closes very effortlessly with a fingertip. The simple and elegant appearance fits any room, making it extremely universal and versatile.

The trash bin can also be placed under counters or inside cupboards since it features a lightweight and compact design.

Consists of a double barrel

You can snap the Hefty garbage bag into the groove of the garbage can to make it a double bucket and there’s an indent in the middle that you place the edge of each bag in.

It’s a little tricky getting the bags set up but once the top is back on, it will be secure enough and you won’t have to worry about the trash bag slipping.

Slim design for narrow spaces

This trash can is definitely perfect for the bathroom, laundry room, under desk/counter/sink or wherever space is limited.

Designed for narrow spaces

Most customers prefer to place the trash can in the corner or next to a sink or toilet in their bathroom since it is perfect for smaller spaces, half baths and guest bathrooms. The finish is easy to clean with a wet rag since it is a smooth polished finish.

Quality assurance

This brand offers a great service and has the best use of materials and if quality and transport damage problems arise their customers can choose a replacement or refund, which is why it comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Moreover, this will certainly be a great investment when you decide to purchase it.


  • · Opens and closes easily
  • · Perfect for small spaces
  • · Simple and elegant appearance
  • · Large capacity


  • · May not be able to keep pets out


Purchasing a dual compartment trash bin may not seem like a difficult task to some, but if you want a receptacle that is going to last you for years to come, you may want to consider all your options in order to make a right decision.

Therefore, if you feel like you may require the features the Cq acrylic Dual 12 Liter Bathroom Trash Can with Lid possesses than this will be the perfect trash can for your household.