dual compartments for waste and recyclable items
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DeHome Small Plastic Double Kitchen Trash Can Review

Unless a raccoon gets into it and makes a mess, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about a household kitchen trash can. However, they’re clearly not all built alike, when it comes to sturdiness, maneuverability, and overall design. Some kitchen waste bins like the DeHome Small Plastic Double Kitchen Trash Can features a smaller, slimmer shape than most waste bins.

In addition, it makes sense to get one with wheels, considering the average family of four produces around 80 pounds of trash per week, so whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor option that rolls, the DeHome Small Plastic Double Kitchen Trash Can would be perfect for you.

DeHome Small Plastic Double Kitchen Trash Can

Best Small Dual Compartment Trash Can Overview


  • 2 Separable compartments
  • Removable inner handle
  • Handles for easy dumping
  • Detachable design


2 Separable compartments

This two-compartment recycle bin is ideal to utilize at home, but can also be used in the office, in your car or even on a boat. If you want to sort your trash, then a dual trash can is an excellent solution for it.

dual compartments for waste and recyclable items

With a space-saving rectangular design the 2 separable compartments maximizes trash and recycling capacity.

Dehome multi-purpose dual wastebasket is designed with durable plastic, ideal for scenario – houses, condos, offices or hotels. Furthermore, the trash recycle combo looks clean and is efficient to use for you, your family and possible guests.


Removable inner handle

The DeHome Small Plastic Double Kitchen Trash Can is an innovative design that combines all your waste and recycling requirements in one compact unit.

dual handles for easy waste removal

The bin is easily cleaned and the inner compartments for trash and recycling are removable.

The general waste compartment at the top features a double removable inner handle that hold custom-fit liners and also features a 5-Gallon Press-Open lid general waste compartment at the top and a 4-Gallon multi-purpose recycling drawer at the base.


Handles for easy waste removal

The upper compartment is removable with hooks for securing trash liners and handles for effortless dumping and has a container at the back for trash liners or recycled battery.

This kitchen trash can with press open lid features two inner buckets that are color-coded, use the blue one for recycling and the black bin for your regular trash.

It really improves the overall process of recycling at home, because it makes separating trash and recycling effortless.

It is recommended to get a two-compartment recycling bin with removable inner buckets as this makes cleaning and changing trash bags more convenient.


Detachable design

The trash can design is easy to reach and there’s no need to bend over. The detachable design provides easy cleaning and avoids odor.

Dehome features a detachable design

Dehome trash can features a 360° universal wheel and this product has a very compact design, and fits easily anywhere in the kitchen.

With a capacity of 8.5 gallons this double trash bin is sufficient for one-two person’s daily waste utilization.

Pros & Cons

  • 2 Separable compartments
  • 360° Universal wheel
  • Removable upper compartment with hooks
  • Detachable design
  • Some complaints of lid being inadequate



Some people have to separate their garbage because of local laws. But others just want to be more environmentally friendly and want to start sorting trash and for separating trash efficiently and conveniently this DeHome Small Plastic Double Kitchen Trash Can is a great option.

A dual trash can is an ideal solution for sorting trash and recyclables. It makes recycling much simpler and will enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle.