Dual Garbage Recycling Bin Review
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Dual Garbage Recycling Bin Review

DBAL has given this Dual Garbage Recycling Bin a beautiful looking stainless steel and germ-resistant construction while the surface is impervious to fingerprints – so your receptacle will look smooth and shiny all the time.

This is an extremely durable kitchen trash can, especially for the price range you typically find it in. If you require a trash can that’s super strong, durable, and will last year on year – this design has all the characteristics you may require.

Dual Garbage Recycling Bin Review
Dual Garbage Recycling Bin Review

DBAL Dual Recycling Garbage Bin Overview


  • Fingerprint-proof material
  • Two removable inner buckets
  • ABS hydraulic slowdown design
  • Anti-slip base design
  • 2 Ergonomic pedals


Fingerprint-proof material

For a sleek design and hands-free operation, you can look no further. Boasting an excellent profile that tucks unobtrusively against the wall, this top selection features an exterior surface that’s effortless to wipe clean, as well as convenient and comfortable step pedals created to endure repeated use.

Fingerprint-proof material

The DBAL 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can is made of stainless steel; the material of the inner buckets is pp which is fairly durable and light weight.

The smooth surface is also effortless to wipe as it’s coated with superior features of fingerprint-proof material. The trash bags are also made of tough plastic and utilize thick double seams to prohibit ripping.


Two removable inner buckets

The Dual Garbage Recycling Bin, 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can features two removable inner buckets and independent pedals each with a capacity of 4 gallon.

You can easily utilize them to distinguish between recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish as it not only conforms to the garbage classification, but also can offers you more convenience.

The attractive stainless steel surface withstands fingerprints and the can’s non-skid base assists it from shifting. The removable ring liner holds trash bags securely in place, while also covering the top of bag for a clean look.


ABS hydraulic slowdown design

The receptacle has an ABS hydraulic slowdown design and it can automatically close slowly and softly without banging or loud noises and has a strong sealing ability which can stop odors from spreading.

ABS hydraulic slowdown design

Any standard grocery-store bag will fit precisely and securely in the trash can as it’s well-built, sleek, sturdy, and fairly reliable.

The dual compartment trash can liners are an ideal fit for this trash can as they are designed from extra-durable plastic with thick double seams to prohibit rips and tears and have been rated among the top in strength comparable to other brands.


Anti-slip base design

The dual compartment trash bin boasts a rectangular shape which has bigger storage than the circular bin and the plastic inner bucket can be effortlessly disassembled for easy disposal of waste.

2 Ergonomic pedals

The anti-slip base enhances the stability of the trash can. It looks stylish and beautiful, which can perfectly blend with any room décor.

The dirt on the surface of the receptacle can be easily removed with only a rag. If you don’t want to conceal any odor, you need to ensure that the lid of the trash can is always closed, and good sealing makes this possible.


2 Ergonomic pedals

The Dual Garbage Recycling Bin has ergonomic pedals which can open the corresponding lid softly and easily.

They also provide professional customer service to every customer before and after purchase and you can easily contact them anytime whenever you encounter issues with this trash bin. The durable pedal design and the slow-close lid make it effortless to lift the lid without utilizing your hands.

Since the stainless steel body of the can resists fingerprints, you can easily preserve the clean, stylish look. This type of lid design enables you to fit this kitchen waste container under low countertops, allowing it to be a space-saving solution.

Pros & Cons

  • Capacity of 4 gallon
  • Soft and silent lid close
  • Plastic inner bucket can be disassembled
  • Touchless operation
  • May be fairly small for some


Given its essential role, the Dual Garbage Recycling Bin has become a piece that we do not select at random. Today there is a wide range of models created to facilitate handling, but also to adapt to all budgets.

This product can also be utilized as an office bin. It would certainly fit with most kitchen decor, or wherever you select to place it.