Eco-Casa Dual Compartment Trash Can Review
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Eco-Casa Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

Getting the best kitchen trash can used to be a relatively simple task, but in these days of color-coded sorting and multiple bin collections, it’s not always simple to find a kitchen bin that’ll satisfy both your style and recycling requirements.The Eco-Casa Dual Compartment Trash Can is a type of trash can that has two compartments. And you utilize both sides for different wastes. For most people, this is an opportunity to separate the recyclables from regular rubbish.

Since you sort the waste in a single can, you will have no excuse as to why you don’t sort the garbage. It makes your work effortless if you like to practice recycling.

So, whether you’re searching for a bin that’s big enough to swallow a large household’s refuse or a stylish, slimline, multi-compartment option for keeping your paper and plastics in check, we’ve found the perfect bin for you.

Eco-Casa Dual Compartment Trash Can Review
Eco-Casa Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

Eco-Casa Trash Can Overview


  • Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish
  • Two separate cantilever foot pedals
  • Reasonably priced
  • Soft close damper lid
  • Polypropylene inner liners

Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish

The Eco-Casa Dual Compartment Trash Can is an understated masterpiece of efficiency. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish can ward off smears and smudges, but it can’t conceal the workhorse within that makes it a snap to separate household waste from recyclables.


Two separate cantilever foot pedals

Two separate cantilever foot pedals open the separate chambers – one holding 30L the other 15L – you choose which works best for your household.

Eco-Casa Dual Compartment Trash Can

It works with a foot pedal, which frees up both hands and the lift-out inner bucket makes emptying the bin effortless.

Do not, however, be tempted to overfill it or you’ll start running into problems with the lifting mechanism, which otherwise works smoothly and is designed to last.


Reasonably priced

With a refined minimalist style, the Eco-Casa recycle garbage can perform as cleanly as it looks. It’s reasonably priced, making it an affordable option for most and it’s simple to keep clean, as well as being very sturdy, great for if you have young kids or pets.


Soft close damper lid

A soft close damper lid ensures quiet operation, and the patented “Easy Lock” mechanisms keep the lids up when required.


Polypropylene inner liners

The polypropylene inner liners lift out for simple emptying, and have a cut out plastic bag stabilizer to prevent slippage.

It also has a built in deodorizer compartment so you can use your favorite scents to keep your recycle bin, and home, smelling fresher.



Having a dual compartment receptacle is not new for those who love to take care of the environment. For a long time, people were improvising the cans. So today, you don’t have to improvise.

You can purchase the Eco-Casa Dual Compartment Trash Can to separate your waste and recyclable items from each other in one space.

If you love being organized, this trash bin will suit you. You will have the recyclables on one side and other garbage like food waste on another side. But even when you wish to purchase such a kitchen trash can, you need to make sure that it suits your décor and if it’s sturdy enough.