EKO EcoCasa Recycling Pedal Bin Review
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EKO EcoCasa Recycling Pedal Bin Review

Coziness is redefined comes to the EKO EcoCasa Recycling Pedal Bin. It’s extremely convenient, sanitary, and an organized way to manage all your waste. Learn more about of its ideal functions to know more about this receptacle.

The EKO Step Trash Can is definitely one of the most popular EKO receptacles out there. Most individuals find it to be a stylish, sturdy, and friendly garbage bin for the household. It consists of a standard size for the trash bags and seems to be a greatly recommended one.

EKO EcoCasa Recycling Pedal Bin
EKO EcoCasa Recycling Pedal Bin

EKO Ecocasa II 20/20 Litre Stainless Steel Recycling Pedal Bin Overview


  • Space-saving slimmer profile
  • Dual compartment configuration
  • Fingerprint stainless steel finish
  • Stay Open feature
  • Removable inner buckets

Space-saving slimmer profile

The EcoCasa II Trash Can streamlines all the elegant styling of the well-known EcoCasa model into a space-saving design that sits perfectly up against your cabinet or wall. The sleek stainless exterior shines excellently without glare.

EKO EcoCasa Recycling Pedal Bin

The bin’s creation is both modern and classic, containing sleek, tailored lines and effortless access. The easy-to-utilize step bin enables you to lift the lid while pressing down with your foot, so your hands are free.


Dual compartment configuration

The two compartment configuration provides two equal 20L inner liners to effortlessly separate recyclables from usual household trash. The convenience starts right with the design of this receptacle. It consists of a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel design.

EKO EcoCasa II Dual Compartment Rectangular Kitchen Step Trash Can Recycler

Also, the steel lid and resin frame excellently complement the finish. Moreover, the rounded corners with the rectangular shape perfectly soften its profile. The Hefty Recycling Trash Bags can also be purchased with this receptacle.


Fingerprint stainless steel finish

The fingerprint resistant finish also extends to the soft close lid, which functions with a durable, foot pedal mechanism. The soft-close design automatically closes, so your daily garbage experience can be as hands-free as possible.

Fingerprint stainless steel finish

The soft-close design prohibits the lid from being left open, a requirement for parents, conscientious hosts, as well as pet-lovers. The pros of a smooth opening allow the stainless steel can to be perfect for tight spaces.


Stay Open feature

The stay open function easily holds the lid up when required with a simple slide of the button. The EKO EKO EcoCasa Recycling Pedal Bin promise to offer you an amazing experience of garbage management.

Some innovative features definitely set EKO apart from its competition. The look is sleek, the operation is effortless, and the price is affordable for most customers out there. So, all in all, it’s a great selection to check out for garbage management.


Removable inner buckets

The removable inner buckets consist of a bag stabilizer to prevent your trash bag from slipping down, so taking out the recyclables and trash is effortless.

Removable inner buckets

The can also has a built-in deodorizer compartment to assist in keeping things fresh whenever a bag change is required.

This EKO hands-free garbage bin even consists of a plastic liner to prevent spills and leaks and safeguard the trash bags from tearing. The stainless steel coat contains special fingerprint-proof technology to keep the receptacle looking its best. This bin is a great choice to manage trash in a discrete, comfortable, compact, and functional way.

Pros & Cons

  • Cantilever foot pedal mechanism
  • Built in deodorizer
  • Dual compartments
  • Soft close damper lid
  • May be fairly short/small for some

Final thoughts

It’s alright to be confused when purchasing garbage bins for the first time. Not many individuals like them unless they utilize them. And if you’re purchasing a kitchen bin, then go with the EKO EcoCasa Recycling Pedal Bin.

This elegant, modular bin is an ideal selection for small to mid-size households that appreciate cooking at home. Not only does it minimize noise but also assists in elongating the product life.