Happimess 10.5 Gallon Trash Can with Steel Pedal Review
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Happimess 10.5 Gallon Trash Can Review

A dual garbage can is a bin that consists of two compartments for separating two types of waste. Most people utilize it for sorting their recyclables from their garbage. For separating trash efficiently and conveniently a 2 compartment waste bin like Happimess 10.5 Gallon Trash Can is a perfect option.

A kitchen trash bin shouldn’t be your worst nightmare but it should solve a specific problem and requirement. This is why we’ve done all the hard work for you so you can focus on those other essential aspects of decorating your kitchen.

A dual trash can is an ideal solution for sorting trash and recyclables. It makes recycling much more effortless and will enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Happimess 10.5 Gallon Trash Can with Steel Pedal

Happimess Garbage Bin with Soft Close Step Overview


  • Soft-close lid
  • Double bucket interior
  • Easy lift handles
  • Fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel


Soft-close lid

Most people are extremely impressed by the happimess Happimess 10.5 Gallon Trash Can with Steel Pedal. They say they really love their dual trash can because of the looks and how conveniently they function.

You can maximize space and minimize waste with this step can that serves as both trash and recycle bin in one.

Its slim design features a fairly durable steel step and soft-closing lid and the soft close feature eliminates slamming, making it less noisy, and safer for families.


Double bucket interior

The double bucket interior houses separate bins for recyclables as well as trash and the can hold 40 liters or 10.5 gallons of trash. The name says it all with the happimess 2 Compartment Trash can.

happimess HPM1005A Open Double Bucket Garbage Bin with Soft Close Step, Durable Steel Pedal for Home, Office, Kitchen Trash Can, 10.5 Gallon, Silver

It consists of a fairly compact design with an attractive modern aesthetic that works for any small office, bathroom, or hotel room and the recycling bin is clearly marked for straightforward discarding.


Easy-lift handles

There’s obviously are a massive variety of great kitchen trash cans available but you need to ask yourself, how many times are you willing to spend on replacing these outdated receptacles that will not only last a few months but won’t even compliment your newly decorative kitchen.

And this double compartment trash can has easy-lift handles on each side, and easily removable liners means each bin is always clean, fuss-free and extremely convenient to empty and the bin is also compatible with most kitchen-sized trash bags.

Some customers also conclude that a dual recycling bin makes sorting trash much simpler and more fun to do. It really improves the overall process of recycling at home, because it makes separating trash and recycling effortless.

Fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel

The receptacle has a deluxe, fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel finish and the steel pedal ensures durability, so the open feature lasts for years to come.

Happimess 10.5 Gallon Trash Can with Steel Pedal Review

When you want to get a double garbage can for the kitchen we recommend purchasing this Happimess 10.5 Gallon Trash Can because hygiene is one of the most essential things in and around the kitchen.

And this type of step trash can doesn’t require to be touched by hand when you want to dispose of your trash.



  • Slim design
  • Durable steel step pedal
  • Easy-lift handles
  • Double bucket interior


  • May be difficult to remove sticker



People who have already bought the happimess Happimess 10.5 Gallon Trash Can love the fact that they are able to put trash and recyclables in the same bin.

It is one trash can with two functions that assists you in staying organized and be eco-friendly at the same time.