Happimess Trash and Recycling Can Review
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Happimess Trash and Recycling Can Review

The kitchen is not only a space for cooking or preparing meals but also a place for all family members to gather. A clean, tidy kitchen can always maintain and prolong the joyful and happy moments of a home. The Happimess Trash and Recycling Can has been enhanced in terms of aesthetics, modernity and hygiene standards so you will be surprised with this high quality product.

Happimess Trash and Recycling Can Review
Happimess Trash and Recycling Can

Happimess Open Double Bucket Garbage Bin Overview


  • Stylish and practical design
  • Build-in damper
  • Durable and easy clean
  • Double bucket interior
  • Pearl-white stainless steel


Stylish and practical design

This kitchen receptacle combines quality construction with sleek, modern styling for your kitchen, bathroom, or office.

The clean-lined design blend beautifully into your existing decor, with practical features to assist in keeping your family healthy.

The Happimess 10.5 Gallon Dual Trash Can can hold 40 liters or 10.5 gallons of trash and it is also convenient for you in case you have a full and heavy trash bin to take out.


Built-in damper

You can also dispose of trash hands-free with the convenient step pedal and a built-in damper lowers the lid quietly, and closes it tightly to keep odors inside.

soft close convenient step pedal

With the appropriate capacity, we believe this will be an inexpensive solution for hygienic waste, which many families will select.

The trash bin is great for small kitchen spaces or home cooks, making a huge difference in hygiene, keeping garbage disposal easy and as close as possible.

You can stay away from splashing everything on the floor as the bin is compact but spacious. Also, it is possible to prohibit pets from rummaging through the trash.


Durable and easy clean

We believe in form following function, creating minimalist designs that are a breeze to keep spotless. The bin is made from high-quality steel, and the trash can feature a durable, lightweight inner plastic bucket that’s effortless to remove.

This is family-friendly, brushed stainless steel that is smudge-resistant and fingerprint proof. Plus, all of the trash cans will fit standard size trash bags so no custom liners are needed.


Double bucket interior

Every JONATHAN Y home product creation is created with uncompromising attention to detail, making use of only the highest quality components that will stand up to years of use.

best 10.5 gallon dual compartment trash can

The double bucket interior houses separate bins for recyclables and for trash and for many people, minimalism in the construction offers a sense of security about the product’s durability as well as ease of use.

We are sure; the Happimess Trash and Recycling Can will be a suitable dual trash can for you.


Pearl-white stainless steel

Not only beautiful and durable, but the pearl-white stainless steel is also extremely elegant, perfectly suitable for many luxurious spaces.

They also guarantee this dual compartment trash can so if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.



  • Smudge resistant and fingerprint-proof
  • Convenient step pedal
  • Built-in damper lowers the lid quietly
  • Lightweight inner plastic bucket


  • Difficult to remove sticker from bin



You want a kitchen trash can with enough capacity for your family, effortless and convenient for you to sort garbage, but the method of utilization has to be very simple and hands-free.

If so, the Happimess Trash and Recycling Can is the right choice for you.