Home Zone Living Dual Compartment Trash Can
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Home Zone Living Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

If you looking to purchase a pull out kitchen receptacle due to expensive price tags of products then we have good news for you. The Home Zone Living Dual Compartment Trash Can provides a 29 liter dual pull out receptacle for the price of one.

This kitchen trash can scored among the top receptacles in most performance tests. If a bag tears or leaks, its removable plastic liner makes it effortless to clean.

The exterior is also simple to wipe down with a cloth and leaves little to no streaking on the bin.

Home Zone Living Dual Compartment Trash Can
Home Zone Living Dual Compartment Trash Can

Pull Out Under Cabinet Trash Bin Overview


  • Ball-bearing gliders
  • Pre-assembled track
  • Bag tuck band
  • Chrome-plated frame
  • Dual compartment


Ball-bearing gliders

Builders frequently forget to create built-in trash pull outs even though it’s relatively inexpensive. And if your home does not have this installment then it’s time to upgrade your decor by installing the undercounter dual compartment kitchen trash can.

Ball-bearing gliders

The ball-bearing gliders with chrome plated steel frame enables a secure and smooth sliding motion every time you pull out and push in the receptacle.


Pre-assembled track

You can now make disposal storage much more effortless with the ability to separate the debris from recyclable items. The waste receptacle is extremely simple to install.

The track also comes pre-assembled for your convenience, allowing you to install the Home Zone Living Dual Compartment Trash Can in under 10 minutes.

While one bin is perfect for dumping regular household trash, the other bin is ideal for recycling items. Plus, the large capacity of both cans does not need frequent emptying.


Bag tuck band

You can easily securely your trash bag in place without having to tie it down by tucking the additional slack of the bag underneath the rubber band. You don’t have to go through the trouble of tying it down to prohibit the bag from slipping inside the liner.

Bag tuck band

This receptacle fits effortlessly in a small size cabinet. Also, the compact design means less cost of the receptacle. Thus, you can maximize kitchen floor space in style and within your budget.


Chrome-plated frame

The double pull out receptacle will assist you with dispose of trash into the appropriate bin. Plus, the cans are extremely close to each other which eases disposal further.

So if recycling items is your thing then a pull out trash can is perfect for your kitchen. The Home Zone Living Dual Compartment Trash Can holds a great deal of waste and making use of a liner will also be much more effortless and the chrome-plated frame matches a range of contemporary and modern kitchen decors.

The 8 Gallon Glad Medium Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags can also be purchased with this receptacle.


Dual compartment

Dual compartments allow disposal storage to be much easier enabling you to separate the trash from the recyclable items. The length of the receptacle is 19.72″, the width is 15.20″ and the height is 19.25″.

Dual compartment Undercounter kitchen trash can

The capacity of this trash can is enough to hold a good amount of debris if you happen to cook on a daily basis. Moreover, this garbage bin will not have to be emptied frequently if you utilize this unit solely for dumping recyclables.

Though it may be fairly inexpensive, the high-quality steel provides ideal durability. It withstands corrosion and rust, thus, safe to install under any kitchen sink.

Pros & Cons

  • Smooth and stable sliding motion
  • Separate trash from the recyclable items
  • Easy access handles
  • Dual compartments
  • Some complaints of receptacle being fairly loose



Cleaning a kitchen trash can is fairly effortless. One must always keep the receptacle clean to prevent the growth of mildew and mold on the surface. And not only will a clean bin prohibit the growth of mold but also keep unpleasant odors away.

Apart from concealing unsightly trash of your home, the Home Zone Living Dual Compartment Trash Can will also maximize floor space. Plus, it’s not that expensive, is effortless to maintain and can hold the household debris of a family of 2-3 without getting extremely full in a short time.