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LOMONI 2.6 Gallon Trash Can with Lid Review

A household trash can is the most essential overlooked item in your private space. While this holds true to many we consider this as a crucial part especially when it comes down to dispose of sanitary items that don’t need lying around. And you can rest assured and be confident that LOMONI 2.6 Gallon Trash Can with Lid will provide the desired value for your money.

LOMONI 2.6 Gallon Trash Can with Lid

LOMONI 8 Liters Oval Split Trash Can Overview


  • ABS and PP materials
  • Ultra thin design
  • Easy to utilize and clean
  • Decorative design


ABS and PP materials

This is a spring top trash can for home, kitchen and bathroom, and its narrow design is great if you have no space in your home.

LOMONI 8 Liters Oval Split Trash Can

You can make a gap trash can and utilize this container to prohibit garbage from entering the line of sight, or collect recyclables to help protect the environment.

The LOMONI 8 Liters Oval Split Trash Can is made of ABS and PP materials, it is durable and the bottom design is extended, which maximizes the space of the base making it fairly stable. Since it’s so compact, it’s best suited to small households or those who take their trash out frequently.


Ultra thin design

The LOMONI 2.6 Gallon Trash Can makes fitting, hiding, and removing a standard trash bag simpler than with most other cans we’ve reviewed as the oval, thick texture is suitable for narrow spaces. The dimensions are 12.8″ 6.4″ 11.81″ inches and the capacity is 8 L / 2.64 gallons.

LOMONI 8 Liters / 2.6 Gallon Nordic Style Creative Spring Top Cover Type Pop Cover Waste Waste-Basket

The interior bucket is also useful for those times when your trash is so heavy that carrying the bag alone is too difficult. So you can pull the entire bucket out and carry it to your trash drop without the risk of the bag breaking, tearing or leaking.

The only disadvantage is that the bottom curves in and there is no locking mechanism for the bottom of the trash can when you slip on the top portion.

The LOMONI 8 Liters Waste Basket will also make a sleek addition to any room you put it in and many customers usually purchase these two items together.


Easy to utilize and clean

The button flap is created to push and bounce up and then secure it and when closing, you can gently press the lid and this is extremely convenient and stylish.

LOMONI 2.6 Gallon Trash Can with Lid

The LOMONI 8 Liters Oval Split Trash Can is also ideal for a cleaner garbage experience. A removable inner bin keeps trash bags concealed in the can and makes it effortless to clean up garbage leaks.

The lid opens and shuts smoothly and silently, tightly sealing in all nasty odors. The oval trash can with lid is designed for any room in the home, whether it is an office, bedroom, nursery, garage, foyer or kitchen and it is also ideal for commercial use.


Decorative design

We recommend the LOMONI 8 Liters Oval Split Trash Can if you don’t have space for a larger, free-standing kitchen trash can with lid, or if you prefer your receptacle to be tucked out of the way.

It is great for home offices, bedrooms, craft rooms, dens and any other room where decorative waste is required and it is also suitable for university residences as well as apartments.

The design of this receptacle is considered as extremely convenient as it is a space-saving, cost-effective method that can get rid of waste and recycling and you can simply press the cover and press the horizontal opening method to give you a different operating experience.



  • Durable and the bottom design is extended
  • Oval, thick texture
  • Suitable for narrow spaces
  • Base is fairly stable


  • No locking mechanism for bottom of trash can



A regular trash can is no doubt handy, but nothing beats perfection like the LOMONI 2.6 Gallon Trash Can with Lid as this model stands out as the most convenient garbage can for waste disposal.