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Best Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

Are you in the market for the Best Dual Compartment Trash can with a recycling compartment? It all depends on your household, needs, requirements and style choice. Some people may prefer a stainless steel recycling bin. While others might want a red, black or white dual trash can.

A dual compartment trash can is an ideal solution for separating and sorting waste and recyclables at home or in the office with only one bin. Double trash cans consist of two compartments that can hold your recyclables (paper, plastics, metal, vegetable or fruit waste) or non-recyclable materials. This is what makes the best dual compartment trash can and recycle can convenient to use.

A practical two-in-one solution for household garbage and kitchen recyclables, this Simplehuman 58 Litre Dual Compartment Recycling Bin complements both modern and traditional interiors and is the best dual compartment trash can in our opinion. A popular choice for the busy family home, it is ideal for the separation of general waste from recyclables without cluttering up the room with different bins.

Best dual compartment trash can review

Dual trash can


Designed from fingerprint-proof stainless steel and equipped with a patented self-closing silent lid. The inside contains one removable liner for the collection of recyclable materials whilst the other contains a metallic rim to hold your bag in place.


The rectangular simplehuman trash can is a well-built and elegant looking recycling bin for your kitchen. The dual compartment bin for waste and recyclables is beautifully designed, durable and effortless to use. The inner buckets (which are removable) are equally sized and fits standard kitchen trash bags perfectly. This recycling bin consists of a hidden compartment to store spare bags, a so-called liner pocket. The stainless steel material has a fingerprint proof coat to prohibit it from smudges.

This Dual Compartment trash can by Simplehuman will make a perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen or office space. Contructed from the finest stainless steel with fingerprint proof technology to ensure it maintains its flawless appearance, it features a silent soft-closing lid mechanism, two inner compartments, one with a removable liner, the other for use with bin bags, and an integrated foot pedal for hygienic hands-free waste disposal.



It’s ideal for separating recyclables from general household waste in busy family kitchens, the Simplehuman Dual Compartment trash can have a generous total capacity of 58 liters, yet its slim profile needs only the minimal amount of floor space.


Foot pedal

The square indoor recycling bin with 2 compartments has a solid and sturdy foot pedal. The lid stays up while throwing away your trash. You can take the buckets out of the trash can to clean it and the outside of the bin is fingerprint proof.


Easy liner change

Stainless steel liner rim flips up for a quick and simple liner change, then closes over the liner to hold it tightly in place and keep it hidden from sight. Keep liners where you may need them.

Dispense them one-by-one from inside the bin for a swifter liner change. By getting rid of the inner bucket, we managed to get the same amount of capacity into a smaller, more space-efficient bin. One side for rubbish, one side for effortless disposal of recyclables. We hope you find this review on the Best Dual Compartment Trash Can helpful.



  • Each section has a removable garbage can.
  • Storage for bags behind the bin.
  • Consists of a double-layered design.



  • Maybe be too expensive for some consumers.


Features of the Two compartment garbage can

  • 58ltr total capacity
  • Stainless steel with fingerprint proof coating
  • Silent, soft closing lid mechanism
  • 2 inner compartments, 1 with a removable liner, the other for use with bin bags
  • Integrated foot pedal



  • Height 655 mm
  • Width 655 mm
  • Depth 360 mm



The Simplehuman Dual Compartment Trash Can comes with a 10-year warranty. It consists of dual departments: one for recyclables and one for trash. This model is one of Simplehuman’s best sellers and is therefore highly recommended.