Rubbermaid Elite Dual Stream Step-On Trash Can Review
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Rubbermaid Elite Dual Stream Step-On Trash Can Review

The Rubbermaid Elite Dual Stream Step-On Trash Can will not only keep your garbage at bay, but it’ll also provide you with an odorless smell.

So, if you purchase a fairly inexpensive kitchen bin, chances are you will have to deal with a stuck lid, overflow issues and maybe even horrible slimy pools at the bottom of the interior – which results from ripping and slipping from the liner bag.

Moreover, we can all agree that a new receptacle will not be the most exciting purchases you’ll ever make – but it is, however, a very crucial selection which is why we are introducing the Rubbermaid Elite Dual Stream Step-On Trash Can.

Rubbermaid Elite Dual Stream Step-On Trash Can
Rubbermaid Elite Dual Stream Step-On Trash Can

Rubbermaid Elite Trash Can Overview


  • Color coded liners
  • Sturdy stainless steel foot pedal
  • Fingerprint-proof and germ-resistant
  • Controlled lid closure
  • Liner clinch system
  • Lid lock function

Color coded liners

The material the receptacle is created from impacts the overall look and feel of the garbage can. For many individuals, it’s essential for all appliances to match the décor.

Color coded liners

If your décor is black with stainless steel appliances for example, you may require a trashcan that matches that sleek and elegant look.

The 6.4 gallon can consist of a blue coded liner and the 9.5G has a black liner which allows for effortless sorting of recycling and waste without sacrificing capacity.


Sturdy stainless steel foot pedal

You can easily step on the foot pedal of the container for hands-free, sanitary disposal. It contains a sturdy stainless steel pedal which is more robust than a lot of the other plastic bins we looked at.

It’s also well suited for 13-gallon trash bags, so it won’t be troublesome finding specific ones that fit the bin.

The United Solutions WB0084 Wastebasket and the Rubbermaid 12.5G Swing Top Trash Can is also an ideal purchase with this receptacle.


Fingerprint-proof and germ-resistant

The natural color can match with any style of kitchen décor and the Rubbermaid Elite Dual Stream Step-On Trash Can has a fingerprint-proof surface that is designed from stainless steel and it is germ-resistant.

It consists of a sleek look that will fit in with an elegant kitchen. The charcoal stainless steel finish enhances your décor and complements kitchen appliances extremely well.


Controlled lid closure

The Rubbermaid Elite features a waste and recycling system in a modern receptacle. The controlled lid closure is created to minimize unwanted, loud noises and ease down gently.

This function prohibits the lid from flying up too rapidly when you step on the pedal, unlike other receptacle where this can be an issue.

Also, this mechanism prohibits the lid from slamming back on the receptacle, so it won’t startle anyone who is in close proximity because of a loud bang.


Liner clinch system

The liner clinch secures the bag to the receptacle and prohibits slipping with heavy loads.

Liner clinch system

The fact that this dual compartment garbage bin is on the more compact side does make it a little difficult to fit larger items into it without any spillage, and it may result in residue or splatter around the edges, but it will definitely be clean when the time comes.


Lid lock function

The lid of the Rubbermaid Elite Large Dual Stream Step-On Trash Can a serves an essential purpose, because it keeps odors concealed inside and keeps the home looking tidy.

The lid lock allows the lid to stay open for extended utilization, ideal for longer activities and tasks.

This enables the receptacle to be hygienic and a convenient selection. Either way, we feel this Rubbermaid Elite Trash Can is perfect and you won’t feel like you’re investing your money in a dub.

Pros & Cons

  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Stainless-steel foot pedal
  • Quiet, controlled lid closure
  • Extended open lid lock
  • N/A

Final thoughts

For decades, Rubbermaid has been a pioneer advanced products and services that certainly enhance longevity. We feel that products should work great, and also look great. Rubbermaid are dedicated to delivering durable products and services that individuals hope for.

This high-quality Rubbermaid receptacle accepts fingerprints, which are effortlessly retained and the Rubbermaid Elite Dual Stream Step-On Trash Can is ideal for your décor and makes your kitchen look luxurious.