Safco Dual Bin Waste Recycling Trash Can
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Safco Dual Bin Waste Recycling Trash Can Review

Other than trash, a lot has gone into receptacles over the last five years. Manufacturers are trying to outdo each other by coming up with the best trash cans that meet our needs. The result is more innovative improvements as well as advanced creations. Some waste bins like the Safco Dual Bin Waste Recycling Trash Can is one of those innovative ideas.

For an item that’s utilized daily in most homes, outdoor spaces or offices it’s worth investing in one of the best trash cans. It’s a little thing, but choosing one in the right size and material like the Safco Dual Bin Waste Recycling Trash Can for your lifestyle can make a meaningful difference.

Safco Dual Bin Waste Recycling Trash Can
Safco Dual Bin Waste Recycling Trash Can

Safco Trash Can Overview


  • One-stop collection
  • Sleek aluminum shell
  • Two separate sides
  • Easy to use
  • GREENGUARD Certified


One-stop collection

You can consolidate your trash and recycling receptacles into one to conserve space or conveniently separate two different types of recycling at the collection point with the Safco Dual Bin Waste Recycling Trash Can.

You can lift the liners out of the can one at a time to remove the full garbage or recycling bags and put in new ones. Having the liner out of the can makes it effortless to tie off the new bag.


Sleek aluminum shell

Featuring an attractive brushed finish, the sleek aluminum shell of the Dual Recycling and Trash Can complements virtually any décor and helps enable an effortless, wipe-down cleaning and long-lasting durability in a variety of indoor environments.

With a handful of reviews, shoppers commented they love the size and look of this effortless-to-clean trash can.

The Safco Products 9942SS Recycling or Trash Can is also perfect for recycling or just regular old refuse and provides reliable waste collection in a sleek yet durable design.


Two separate sides

This trash can look as good as it functions. Its semi-round shape and compact size enables it to fit neatly in bathroom corners and the goes-with-everything finish resists fingerprints.

Safco Trash Can

Each half of the can consists of its own 15-gallon, rigid plastic liner to keep your two types of waste or recycling completely separated and you can simply lift off the removable, cylindrical top of the can to access both liners at the same time.

Easy to use

Simply place the receptacle near the breakroom exit, or the school cafeteria doors or just anywhere else you require efficient waste collection.

Label the top with the included decals so students, co-workers and visitors can easily identify each side’s purpose.

When done take off the lid of the can to access the two durable 15-gallon plastic liners that are inside.



The dimensions of the can is 17 1/2″W x 17 1/2″D x 32 1/2″H. Decals include plastic, cans, paper, recycle and waste and this product is scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards.

Helping minimize indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure to help create healthier indoor environments.



  • Attractive brushed finish
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Easy, wipe-down cleaning
  • Rigid plastic liner


  • No cons



When choosing your best trash can, be sure to take into account the overall design, size and all other features necessary to meet your requirements.

Don’t go for something that will constantly require you to call for customer care services and the Safco Dual Bin Waste Recycling Trash Can will certainly not give you any problems.