Step N' Sort Dual Trash Can
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Step N’ Sort Dual Compartment Trash Can Review

Are you looking for a stainless steel trash can to keep your office, your room and your home tidy and clean? We believe everyone needs such a trash can or a rubbish bin. So, let me introduce you to the best stainless steel trash can. The Step N’ Sort Dual Compartment Trash Can will not only allow you to manage your trash properly, but also help keep your office, room or house neat and clean and healthy with technology advancement.

Designed to handle all of your waste, recycling and storage requirements, This Step N’ Sort 900602R 16 Gallon trash can is perfect for the home with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame. The easy, hands-free step pedals enable you to sort your items into removable inner bins. Use this bin to sort recyclables, garbage, laundry detergent or even dog food.

Use the 2 Compartment Step N’ sort to sort your waste in one convenient receptacle; recyclables and organics. Each Step N’ Sort comes with a colored sticker pad that can be utilized to label your pedals.

Step N' Sort Dual Compartment Trash Can Review


Step N’ Sort RED Dual Trash and Reclying Bin Overview


  • Easy separating and sorting
  • Heavy duty step pedals
  • Removable inner buckets
  • 16 gallon capacity
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Easy to clean


Easy separating and sorting

With this dual compartment waste bin, you can have one dedicated place in your home for sorting waste and recyclables. So there is no need for separate bins anymore, which makes your recycling station more compact as well as space-efficient.

This is a big advantage when you have limited space in your home or kitchen or when you live in a respectively small apartment and don’t want two separate bins standing on your kitchen floor all the time.


Heavy duty step pedals

The step-on kitchen trash can are the most utilized type because it is hygienic, convenient since you don’t have to use any of your hands.

The foot pedal becomes quite handy to keep your hands free fromStep N' Sort Dual Compartment Trash Can touching the dirty bin and you can continue you’re cleaning up without bending your back to open the lid to dump stuff in there.

However, there is a downside that the step-on mechanism may break if you over-use or the bin contains too much debris.


Removable inner buckets

Although the trash bags are not included, this Step N Sort’s 900602R 16 Gallon version is a complete package.

The inner compartment is removable for effortless cleaning and upkeep. The lid won’t open without manual operation and every compartment accommodates an 8-G trash bag.


16 Gallon capacity

This is a product that is tailored for the customer’s specific needs; the recycle bin has an extra-large capacity of 16 gallons that will meet the demand of any household, making sure that you can use it for an extended period.

It has a contemporary chic design that’s red in color and will blend in well with a wide range of interiors, giving it a trendy and modern look that is simple on the eyes.


Convenient carry handle

The Step N’ Sort Dual Compartment Trash Can has an efficient carry handle, making it effortless to move around when taking the trash to an outdoor bin.

For those who love versatility, this is the perfect option for you, as it can also be utilized for cleaning your pet dog’s food or your pet as it is large enough.

Easy to clean

In order to clean your kitchen trash bin, remove the bags and any pieces of debris and recyclables from the inside. If possible, take the receptacle outside and use the garden hose to wash out the trash bin. Then spray the inside with a disinfectant cleaner of your selection.

Make use of a clean toilet brush to scrub the inside walls and corners of the trash can. After you’ve scrubbed the kitchen trash bin, let it sit for five minutes, then, use the hose again to wash everything out. Let it air dry completely before utilizing it.



  • Easy to clean
  • Compact design
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Attractive color


  • May be difficult to get the trash bag out once filled



Try living without your trash can for a week and you will see why they are so essential. They fight smells, bacteria, and keep our kitchens spotless, so when you are on the hunt for a new kitchen trash can, look no further than the Step N’ Sort Dual Compartment Trash Can.

Whichever kitchen trash can you select; hopefully, we’ve highlighted the most important features of this model to make your choice that much easier.