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Top 10: Best Dual Step Trash Can With Soft Close Lid 2020

There are many reasons as to why your home, office, kitchen or the garage should not miss a great trash can. Everyone wants to stay in a clean environment and therefore the Top Ten Best Dual Step Trash Can with Soft Close Lid Reviews will be of great help. This is an innovative unit to assist in keeping the environment clean and well organized. They have an intelligence capability that makes it effortless to use.

The place that accumulates a lot of debris in the home is usually the kitchen. You cook here and make a lot of mess, so why not keep it clean with the best dual step trash can. Instead of walking outdoors to the refuse drum to throw away your trash, a kitchen trash can placed indoors makes your home cleaner.

10 Best Dual Softstep Trash Cans Review

  1. iTouchless SoftStep 16 Gallon Step Trash Can

Best Dual Step Trash Can With Soft Close Lid
Best Dual Step Trash Can With Soft Close Lid

The 61 L / 16 gallon soft step stainless steel trash can is the smoothest, most sophisticated step trash can you will ever own. The ergonomically-designed step pedal requires minimal force to operate.

The soft lid close is smooth and silent. The elegant, brushed stainless steel finish is fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant, making Soft Step the ideal trash can for your home or office.

The AbsorbX Odor Control System supplies odor absorption on Trash and Recycling Binboth sides of the bin, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. The simple to replace air damper means this step trash can will provide years of like-new performance.

This two-in-one unit provides a quick and easy way to separate recycling and trash. The two independent plastic inner buckets are removable, so taking out the trash and recycling is effortless and mess-free. It’s excellent for the home or office kitchen.



  • Gentle and silent lid close
  • Perfect fit against any wall
  • Fingerprint-proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Odor control system


  • Complaints of the ‘silent close’ hydraulic damper frequently popping out


  1. SONGMICS 16 Gallon Softstep Trash Can

Best Dual Step Trash Can

Best Dual Step Trash Can

With 2 separate compartments and a clean look, this 60L dual step trash can easily sorts your trash and recyclables in one convenient, space-efficient space. The foot pedal give the trash can a hands-free opening and the ABS plastic lid closes in a slow, silent and airtight manner and keeps germs at bay.

This container features 2 foot pedals and lids, you can utilize the recycling bin without opening the trash bin, and vice versa and rectangle shape enables you place it directly against the wall and out of the way.

Songmics Removable buckets

The heavy duty stainless steel in matte finish is fingerprint proof and has side handles for easy mobility. It also contains removable plastic inner buckets for easy disposal of the waste.

The company is also always available to provide professional customer service before and after your purchase, so don’t wait any longer and enjoy it right now.



  • Smart refuse solution
  • Soft closure
  • Space-saving design
  • User-friendly
  • Easy mobility


  • May be too small for some


  1. Organize It All 4904W-1 Dual Compartment Step-On

Best Dual Step Trash Can with Odor Control
Best Dual Step Trash Can with Odor Control

This trash and recycling bin is designed from durable stainless steel that is built to last. Cleaning your recycling bin has never been easier; just simply wipe down the stainless steel outside or plastic inside and you’re good to go. The stainless steel look goes with any kitchen design, and can be placed under the sink or displayed for easy access.

Separating the trash from recycling, or bottles and cans is easy with this recycling bin. The side-by-side compartments enable you to combine your trash cans and recycling bins into one unit. This will free up space either on your floor or under your kitchen sink for other items.

Each compartment is opened by stepping on the foot pedal on the side that you would like to utilize. Included in the recycling bins are removable plastic containers with handles that make it effortless to take the trash or recycling out without getting yourself dirty. This makes cleaning even swifter as there should be no residue left on the inside of the cans.



  • 16-gallon capacity
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Include foot pedals, bucket handles, and independent lids
  • Wipes down for easy cleaning


  • Handles may be ill-positioned


  1. Goplus Dual Step Trash Can with Soft Close Lid

Best Dual Step Trash Can review

Best Dual Step Trash Can review

There are two invisible handles on each side of the stainless steel trash can which is convenient for you to lift and move, so you can effortlessly put it where you want.

On the other hand, this pedal bin consists of two detachable trash cans and both built-in bins have rotatable handles, and you can take out the trash can inside easily. The trash can has two separate and ergonomic pedals which can open the corresponding lid softly which is also easy for kids.

The trash can features two separate buckets that can be utilized for sorting and each bucket has a capacity of 8 gallons and enough space for trash. You can utilize them to distinguish between recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish, it not only conforms to the garbage classification, but also provides you with more convenience.

Goplus Dual Trash Can, 60 Liter

The dual step trash can with soft close lid is designed of high quality 410 stainless steel which is durable and sturdy. The glazing is also applied to the surface to keep it clean and free from fingerprints or smudges.

Meanwhile, the material of the inner buckets is pp which is solid and extremely lightweight. The double trash bin has a rectangular shape which has a larger storage than the circular bin, and you can get the maximum capacity with less space.

It is circumferential arc that provides your family with more safety. What’s more, the elegant silver and simple silhouette will certainly be an eye-catcher in your home.



  • Convenient handle design
  • Labor-saving step pedals design
  • Quality stainless steel structure
  • Larger storage capacity


  • Complaints of trash can being too small


  1. HEMBOR Dual Trash Can, 16 Gallon

Best 2 Compartment Trash Can review
This container is designed with 410 brushed stainless steel that can effectively prevent fingerprints, is easy to clean and can be kept shiny for a long time.

The garbage can has a rectangular silver look that is stylish and beautiful, which perfectly blends with your home style. The 60L trash can with 2 removable inner barrels (30L per barrel), separated by left and right, can effectively sort and recycle your garbage.

The inner buckets are fitted with a metal handle that can be easily lifted when the garbage bag accidentally ruptures and overflows. The trash can is 26 inches high, preventing you from bending over when getting rid of debris which provides more convenient service for your life.

The trash can cover has an ABS hydraulic slowdown design, whichHembor 2 Compartment Trash Can Features can be automatically lowered when the pedal is released, and it is soft and silent. More comfortable and durable stainless steel pedals make it effortless for adults and children to step on.

The side handle makes the trash can simple to move, the plastic inner bucket can be easily disassembled for quick disposal of waste and the anti-slip base enhances the stability of the trash can.


  • Large capacity
  • Easy to keep
  • 2 removable inner barrels
  • Silent close
  • Anti-slip base


  • Lid may be cheaply made


  1. SONGMICS Trash Garbage Can, 16 Gal Brown

16 Gallon Dual Step Trash Can

16 Gallon Step Trash Can

Your trash can doesn’t have to look like rubbish; with an elegant brown color and simple silhouette, this step bin will be an eye-catcher in your home.

This pedal bin has 2 sections to make separating your recycling swift and effortless and the best part is that it can be done without even touching the bin.

Though made with a rigid metal exterior, the recycling bin is gentle and the buffer mechanism makes the lids close softly, slowly, and silently, keeping germs and odors at bay without a loud clang.

This trash bin includes 2 removable buckets for effortless cleaning if your garbage bag accidentally breaks and spills and the buckets come with convenient metal handles so you can lift them out.



  • Power coated steel bin
  • Lids close softly
  • Convenient metal handles
  • Rigid metal exterior
  • 2 removable buckets


  • Handles get tangled up when removing garbage bag


  1. Homfa 2 Compartment Trash Can

16 Gallon Step Trash Can
16 Gallon Step Trash Can


Created with high-quality brushed stainless steel, this Dual Trash and Recycling Bin is of great performance, which can last for years. Integrated with a classic rectangular shape for a modern minimalism touch and cold yet elegant silver for an advanced quality texture, you can’t deny that even such a small piece of furniture will definitely add a glimpse of aesthetic for your room.

With a large capacity of 60L (2×8 Gallon), this step kitchen trash bin can provide sufficient space for your daily rubbish while just taking a small piece of the room. The two separate compartments provide you with great convenience for classifying disposal of the garbage and recyclables.

Homfa Dual Step Trash Can

The removable inner buckets can be lifted for simple cleaning, while the side handles are thoughtfully designed for effortless moving.

The lid of the garbage bin is made with ABS hydraulic slowdown technology, with which it can automatically closed slowly and softly without banging or loud noises.



  • High quality and classic appearance
  • Large capacity
  • Dual compartments
  • Silent close lid


  • Complaints of product having dent upon arrival


  1. ToiletTree Products Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

Best Stainless steel 2 Compartment Trash can

Best Stainless steel 2 Compartment Trash can

This dual step trash can with soft lid close lid come with dual compartments. This makes it easier for you to separate the wet and dry trash, and make it effortless for recycling.

This dual compartment trash can comes with a soft close lid, which means that the trash can features a hydraulic slowdown design that is automatically activated when the foot pedal is released, thus making the closing of the lid soft and smooth.

This small stainless steel trashcan is extremely user-friendly and contains two handles on either side of the trashcan. The inner buckets can also be removed for simple emptying of the trash. The sturdy and stainless steel design of the pedal ensures longevity of the product.

This stainless steel double trashcan is made up of premium quality materials which will certainly last you for years to come. They also provide you with 30 free starter garbage bags with this trashcan so this trashcan will serve you well over the years.



  • Dual compartment
  • Contains a hydraulic slowdown design
  • User-friendly
  • Contains two handles on either side
  • 30 Bonus trash bags included


  • Not finger-proof resistant


  1. Costzon Double Compartment Classified Step Trash Can

Dual Step Trash Can With Soft Close Lid Reviews

Dual Step Trash Can With Soft Close Lid Reviews

Costzon 16 gallon trash can has two separate buckets inside for trash classification. Each bucket has a capacity of 8 gallons, which is ideal for your household garbage. One side is utilized to throw away recyclable rubbish and the other side is for non-recyclable rubbish. It’s quick and easy to separate non-recyclable waste from recyclable household waste.

There are two handles on both sides of the stainless steel trash can for you to easily lift and move it. The detachable plastic inner drums are convenient for you to take out the trash without moving the entire garbage bin. The stainless steel with fingerprint-proof finish makes cleanup effortless.

The ABS plastic lid has a strong sealing ability to inhibit bad odors from the bucket. The lid will make no noise as it closes and will certainly not influence your quiet home environment. The double trash bin has a rectangular shape and fits well against walls or any other flat surface.

The efficient and effective design means you can get the maximum capacity with minimal space. The lids can be opened at a nearly 90°angle, which means the lids don’t take up additional space when they are opened.



  • Each bucket has a capacity of 8 gallons
  • Easy and quick to separate waste
  • Detachable plastic inner drums
  • Fingerprint-proof finish
  • The ABS plastic lid has a strong sealing ability


  • No cons


  1. Superio – 16 Gallon Dual Trash Can

Dual Step Trash Can With Soft Close Lid
Dual Step Trash Can With Soft Close Lid


You can now enjoy the convenience and versatility of two separate bins in one large trash can. Each outer can is decorated in a beautiful stainless steel and has a separate pedal for each bin’s lid. That means you can keep garbage in one can and recycling in another without cross contamination, making taking out the trash a little less tiresome.

With these dual bin designs you can empty or change one bin at a time without opening the other and releasing terrible trash smells and odors.

The sturdy pedal step allows you to quickly and easily open your bin hands free and germs free. Having an sturdy closing trashcan or recycling bin lid helps keep out ants, bugs and pets from getting into your trash.

The compact design has a low center of gravity making it harder for dogs to knock over, and the lid won’t open unless the pedal is utilized which helps reduce odors. So keep everything tidy and organized in one attractive space saving container that fits in large open kitchens or small apartment kitchens. The outer container measures 23″ Wide x 12. 5″Deep x25. 5″High.



  • Two separate bins
  • Contains a sturdy pedal step
  • Attractive space saving container
  • Secure lid to minimize odors



  • No cons


Final recommendation

We definitely recommend you check out the iTouchless Dual Trash Can with Odor Control. It contains double barrels with a large capacity which meets the needs of a large room. It features an airtight design to prevent unnecessary odors and the lid opens at the right angle saving you an adequate amount of space.



Many trash cans are featured in this review. Selecting the perfect dual trash can one out of the ten can definitely be a tedious task. It is therefore important that you carefully go through the top ten best dual step trash can with soft close lid review. See if there is one that has the features you are searching for. All the best as you maintain a litter-free environment.