Best Dual Trash Can Cart Reviews
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Top 6: Best Dual Trash Can Cart 2020

To efficiently clean all the households without much movement, you have to find the best dual trash can cart. These carts have been created from quality and durable materials to make them excellent for long-term service. They have been designed with quality wheels that enable easy maneuverability on all surfaces.

Top 6: Best Dual Trash Can Cart Reviews

  1. Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides

Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides
Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides

The Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides has been designed to significantly minimize assembly times, allowing it to be swift and effortless to put this cart to work.

The new frame construction enhances maneuverability, and provides the cart with a tighter and more secure turn radius, enabling it to be effortless to move up to 400-pounds for outdoor jobs and much more.

The durable steel bed consists of removable sides and the 10-inch pneumatic turf tires are created to work through any terrain, and the padded grip handle has also been redesigned to make hauling heavy rocks or wood much more effortless.

The cart has a height of 37-inches and the bed is around 34-inches by 18-inches, and weighs approximately 36.6-pounds. The Gorilla Carts GOR400 Steel Garden Cart consists of a 1 year limited warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Converts into a flatbed
  • Padded grip handle
  • Pulls up to 400-pounds
  • Minor complaints of inadequate wheel design
  1. Rubbermaid Commercial Collapsible X-Cart

Rubbermaid Commercial Collapsible X-Cart
Rubbermaid Commercial Collapsible X-Cart

This robust and effortless-to-maneuver cart efficiently and effectively transports big loads, and then easily collapses to reduce its storage footprint. The high-quality, TPR casters also offer quiet operation.

The durable stainless steel swivel has ideal maneuverability, while bumper guards provide additional protection during transport. The Rubbermaid Collapsible Replacement Basket and the Cover for Rubbermaid Collapsible 8 Bushel can also be purchased with this Rubbermaid Commercial Collapsible X-Cart.

The durable vinyl bag also allows for bulky loads and the bumper carts assists in prohibiting damage to cart. The stainless steel consists of a powder-coated finish and will not damage or rust.

The color-coded ribbons allow you to identify and classify materials to prohibit cross-contamination. You can also choose the color you want for the job and easily trim off the additional three tabs.

Pros & Cons

  • Stainless steel powder coated frame
  • Reduced by 75% when collapsed
  • Multi-stream option
  • Premium quiet casters swivel
  • May not be for heavy-duty utilization


  1. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Forkliftable Polyethylene Tilt Dump Truck

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Forkliftable Polyethylene Tilt Dump Truck
Rubbermaid Commercial Products Forkliftable Polyethylene Tilt Dump Truck

The Rubbermaid Commercial Dump Truck provides ideal strength construction to effortlessly transport heavy loads of approximately 450 lbs.

These dump trucks are designed with seamless 1-piece plastic bodies and reinforced lips. The robust, plastic creation won’t chip, peel, dent or rust and is effortless to clean.

The 4″ swivel back caster offers simple handling. The 10″ polypropylene wheels are inset to safeguard surroundings and the dump truck contains a powder-coated steel frame to withstand against corrosion.

The dump truck can be taken through doorways as well as elevators. A frequent force design enables controlled dumping by one individual and optional domed lids are also available.

Pros & Cons

  • Rotational molded trucks
  • Polyethylene bottom body
  • 4″ center swivel back caster
  • 10″ inset wheels
  • N/A


  1. OAKLAR 42 Gallon Collapsible Trash Can

OAKLAR 42 Gallon Collapsible Trash Can
OAKLAR 42 Gallon Collapsible Trash Can

The OAKLAR 42 Gallon Collapsible Trash Can is ideal for easily moving supplies wherever you may need to go. It is designed from breathable fabric with a plastic hand-claw and a metal frame. The product is 20″ in diameter and 43″ tall and also collapses to 3 inches for a space-saving design.

The durable and lightweight metal frame allows this container to be ideal for collecting leaves, weeds, dead flowers and other types of debris from your garden. It is also perfect for storing a range of garage items such as garage recycling, camping, sporting equipment, and much more.

The product is designed from a high quality tarp enabling the reusable leaf bag to be utilized year after year. Handlebars, side rake/broom holders, wheels and onboard clips also allow the product to be much more user-friendly to women.

The WORX WA4058 Leaf Collection System and the WORX WG512 Trivac 2.0 Electric 12-amp 3-in-1 Vacuum Blower are also frequently bought together.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight yet durable metal frame
  • Constructed out of high quality tarp
  • All-weather breathable fabric
  • Collapses to 3 inches
  • May not be extremely sturdy for some


  1. Rubbermaid Commercial Products 1980602 Slim Jim Container Trolley

Rubbermaid Commercial Products 1980602 Slim Jim Container Trolley
Rubbermaid Commercial Products 1980602 Slim Jim Container Trolley

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products 1980602 Slim Jim Container Trolley dolly swiftly and effortlessly transports Slim Jim trash cans throughout any facility. The Slim Jim Trash Can, and the Swing Lid can also be bought with this product.

Being extremely space-saving and handy, the Slim Jim trolley also saves time and minimizes worker strain and fatigue from heavy loads. It can be utilized by itself as a dolly, or it can be secured to another trolley (sold separately).

Securing or linking multiple Slim Jim garbage cans minimizes the number of trips you’ll have to make and efficiently and effectively moves more than one trash can in one trip.

Pros & Cons

  • Venting channels
  • 4 Bag cinches secure liners
  • Robust handles at the base and rim
  • Tall and slim profile
  • Container may be too big for kitchen liner bags


  1. Recycle Cart for Recycle Bin Caddy

Best Dual Trash Can Cart Reviews

Best Dual Trash Can Cart Reviews
This recycle caddy contains premium rubber wheels for smooth and easy rolling on pavement, dirt, gravel, grass and even snow. The super heavy duty bin hangers accept any standard recycling bin, is UV protected and hold over 400 pounds.

The oversized 8 mm STEEL axle for stability allows foot to initiate movement and increases overall frame strength. It features thick rubber feet to prohibit unwanted movement and increase stability.


The comfortable foam handle eases hand strain with heavy loads. ItRecycle Caddy has super strength with 1″ steel tube construction, corrosion resistant hardware, and reinforced frame rated.

It consists of two wheels and features a metal bucket.

Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -12 lbs. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -25″. Overall Width – Side to Side: -16″. Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -44″. Capacity: -6.7 Cubic Feet.



  • Steel tube construction
  • High quality corrosion-resistant hardware
  • UV protected
  • EVA foam overlay
  • 8mm steel axle for stability


  • Complaints of wheels falling off


  1. Rubbermaid Commercial Caddy Kit

Rubbermaid Dual Trash Can Cart

Rubbermaid Dual Trash Can Cart

The Commercial Caddy Kit forms to the narrow profile of Slim Jim containers and it easily wraps around any 23-gallon Slim Jim container. This product features 19 pockets to store and transport cloths, gloves, extra can liners, and much more.

The durable vinyl construction stands up to the toughest conditions and cleans easily. The ergonomic handle offers comfortable maneuverability and also comes with a dustpan holder, sign hooks, clipboard slot, spray bottle storage, and more. The dedicated tool rails are compatible with the tool clips and even more.

The integrated bag cinches secure liners along the top of the Rim Rubbermaid Dual Trash Can CaddyCaddy for quick, knot-free liner changes. It is ideal for safety signs, linen bags, cleaning cloths, and more.

It is also perfect for transporting dusters, scrub brushes, and other small hand tools. This cart is designed to transport Rubbermaid Slim Jim Trash Cans.



  • Integrated dustpan holder
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comfortable maneuverability
  • High-quality resin material


  • May be pricey for some


  1. Rubbermaid Trash Can Dolly

Rubbermaid Stainless Steel Trash Can DollyRubbermaid Stainless Steel Trash Can Dolly
The Slim Jim Trash Can Dolly keeps Slim Jim trash cans tidy and organized when in place and then make moving the garbage cans effortless for staff.

With smooth, non-marking caster and a stainless steel finish for an easy-to-clean, professional look, these dollies enable you to get the maximum use out of your Slim Jim waste receptacles and recycling bins.

The stainless steel finish for this Slim Jim trash can dolly resists chips, dents and is simple-to-clean. The 3 inch locking casters leave floors unmarked as the dolly rolls quietly through any facility. This dolly can hold one 16 or 23 gallon Slim Jim garbage can or a recycling bin.



  • Easy to clean stainless steel
  • 3″ non-marking quiet casters
  • Smooth and quiet maneuverability
  • Cart fits both 16 and 23 gallon


  • No cons


  1. Brinkmann Garbage Can Rolling Caddy

Brinkmann Garbage Can Rolling Caddy Review

Brinkmann Garbage Can Rolling Caddy Review

This cart is designed with good quality; it is solid, and nicely streamlined. It can also be assembled in two sizes. It is extremely sturdy and pretty effortless to assemble.

Brinkman Garbage Can Rolling Caddy has a zinc-plated 1″ tubular steel framing with 6″ rubber wheels assembled size: 26.5″ x 22.75″ x 52.50″ long.

It holds two 20 or 30 gallons metal or plastic garbage cans. NOTE: Brand new Item But the tubes have some Surface rust stops since it sat in a warehouse with too much moisture. See the 4th picture.



  • Extremely sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Red rubber grip handles
  • Nicely streamlined


  • Handles may be too small for some


  1. New Behren`s Tcc Cart Caddy

Behren`s Dual Trash Garbage Can Cart Caddy

Behren`s Dual Trash Garbage Can Cart Caddy
Tire rims of this dual trash can cart caddy are made of plastic with a hard rubber tire fastened to the rim. The Behren Dual Trash Can Cart Caddy holds two 31 gallon cans and it is easy to clean and a great way to keep the garage organized and driveway clean on trash day.

Not only does it effortlessly transport the weight of the trash cans but it keeps them sturdy and upright in high winds.

The directions for assembling these carts is fairly well written and illustrated however, needs to better explain how to attach both of the brace bars and the side supports. And lastly, the height of the handle should be a little higher, especially for taller folks as the dimensions are 42″ x 21″



  • Very sturdy design
  • Holds two 31 gallon cans
  • Excellent portability


  • Complaints of instructions being hard to read


  1. Container Trolley, 250 lb., Fits 31 Gallon

Behren Container Trolley

Behren Container Trolley
The load capacity for this Behren Container Trolley is 250 lb and the maximum number of containers it can hold is two. The cart fits 31 gallon containers with the length at 43″ and the height at 32″.

It is a black rectangular shaped cart designed with metal and can be used with (2) 2PYW6 garbage cans and it includes hardware and rubber wheels.

You would need four wheels only if you put 100 lbs or more in the cart or if you’re asking someone to wheel out the trash who cannot exactly lift 30 lbs. Like so much of the world these days, you definitely get what you pay for, and this cart is one of only very few products of its kind in existence.

It’s affordable, which nowadays means it’s meant to work for a while and then fall apart so you will be forced to purchase another- planned obsolescence.

The parts are very light-weight (which, admittedly, helps keep shipping costs down), but unless one is hauling fairly empty trash cans, this cart seems sturdy enough to fully do the job it’s intended to do.



  • Adjustable side bars
  • Includes hardware and rubber wheels
  • Capacity 250 Lb
  • Easy to assemble


  • No cons


Final recommendation

We definitely recommend the Recycle Cart for Recycle Bin Caddy. It features premium rubber wheels for smooth and easy rolling on any surface and weather conditions.

The comfortable foam handle eases hand strain with heavy loads and is UV protected for long term durability.


Buyers guide for Best Dual Trash Can Carts

When looking forward to purchasing the best dual trash can cart, you have to check for a number of things including the weight limit, construction, capacity, wheels, and price among others.

Weight Limit

You have to find a sturdy and stable trash can cart that will accommodate all you’re cleaning needs and the weight of the can when full.

Such a cart needs to have a weight limit of 300lbs and above. You can, therefore, carry the debris efficiently for quick access whenever needed.


It is also necessary to look out for the capacity included in the trash can cart. There are carts with up to 20-gallons bags that will carry all you require.

On the other hand, you can also consider cans with up to 30-gallons for carrying more debris. You need to consider finding the perfect capacity that will suit all your needs.


When you buy a product, the assembly is always the first thing one does for the product to function. Choose a cart that will be easy to assemble without requiring help. It should also take minutes to save your time if you want to the job fast.


These carts have been designed utilizing different quality materials like steel frames and polyethylene material for long-term service.

Such a type of cart will provide years of service and, therefore, highly recommended. In addition to this, it needs to have caster wheels for simple maneuverability.


When purchasing a trash can cart, it is always a good idea to avoid purchasing a cart that you cannot afford. They come at different prices where you have to select a product that suits your budget to avoid buying the wrong product.

A purchase of any product depends on your pocket strength where you can select the high priced products if you have the financial strength. High priced are always created from quality materials that enhance durability.


A good trash can cart should move on any terrain without breaking down. The wheels are the main key things you should look in a cart because they offer stability to keep the cart moving. The wheels of the cart should be sturdy enough that they can move on any terrain even the toughest terrains without being damaged.


One of the most essential equipment that everyone needs besides from a quality kitchen trash can is a dual trash can cart for easy transportation of your outdoor trash cans. We know that this kind of stuff is fairly difficult to acquire the information regarding its quality and features. You may have tons of research, asking a lot of people and yet, you still cannot distinguish between the best ones and bad ones.

We understand your hardship if you have been spending most of your time on this kind of product and it is not worth it. In addition, we recommend you get the best dual trash can cart from our list above when deciding on the best cart for your needs.