Best Dual Trash Can Cabinet Reviews
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Top 8: Best Dual Trash Can Cabinet 2020

Selecting the Best Dual Trash Can Cabinet for your kitchen does require a little bit of decision making. This will include the following: style, functionality, design, cost and build quality. Surely you’ll be utilizing your trash can more than once or twice a day and it should fit your needs and should blend in with the style of your kitchen.

A dual trash can cabinet shouldn’t be your worst nightmare but it should resolve a specific problem and requirement. This is why we’ve completed all the hard work so you can focus on those other essential elements of decorating your kitchen.

The best dual trash can cabinets not only hold the trash, but they should also do it in a sanitary and unobtrusive manner. This is why you should consider having an under sink garbage container because it will keep it out of sight.

When selecting an under sink trash can, you have to find the ideal size that will fit your cabinet and your household. Also select a trash can that has a secure lid to keep the trash from spilling and to keep the odor contained.


Best Dual Garbage Can Cabinet Reviews

  1. Simplehuman 35 Liter Pull-Out Trash Can

Best Dual Trash Can Cabinet Reviews
Best Dual Trash Can Cabinet Reviews


You can now keep your trash and recyclables neatly sorted and concealed inside the trash can cabinet. The twin-bucket, easy-to-install pull-out recycler glides out of the cabinet on smooth commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks for swift and effortless access. Their code D and G liners fit this can excellently— no clustering or slipping for a cleaner trash experience.

The under-counter pull-out trash can has dual compartments that make it effortless to sort your garbage and recycling in one convenient place. The trash can glides fully out of the cabinet on pre-assembled commercial-grade full-extension ball-bearing tracks for simple access to the dual compartments.

You can grab the large chromed steel handle to pull the garbage bin out of the cabinet swiftly. Complete your rubbish experience with their custom fit liners that are created to stay neatly concealed but more importantly are strong and durable without tearing or leaks. This under-counter in-cabinet garbage bin has a sturdy all-steel frame engineered to last for years of use.



  • Eco-friendly and space efficient
  • Full-extension tracks
  • Easy to install
  • Easy-access handle
  • Commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks
  • Code D and Code G custom fit liners


  • No cons


  1. Rev-A-Shelf Pull out Waste Bin

Dual Trash Can Cabinet
Best undercounter trash can


The RV Series of wire frame waste containers provides several sizes, finishes and slide options to accommodate a variation of cabinet openings, styles and price points. An array of waste container finishes means more selections for you. If you’re searching for a classy design, you can pair the metallic silver container with the chrome wire frame.

They have a variety of colors available for their 35 and 50 qt. waste containers. For even more versatility, you combine the RV Series with their patented door mounting kit (5WB-DMKIT) although it is sold separately (US Patent No. 6,390,576)

This dual trash can cabinet comes in tons of different sizes and materials and feature soft-close, door mounting, assisted opening and other luxuries that will complement any kitchen.

The unit can hold 100lbs of trash while fully extended however force should not be applied to smash contents down while installed as it will damage the railing.



  • 35-quart pull-out system
  • Chrome-plated heavy-gauge wire construction frame
  • 100-pound rated slides
  • 4-screw bottom mount installation
  • Installation is effortless


  • Lid not included


  1. Knape & Vogt Soft Close Dual Pull Out Trash Can

Dual Trash Can Cabinet

Best undercounter waste bin


This double soft close pull out trash can, from Real Solutions by Knape & Vogt, features two 35 qt. white waste bins secured in place on a durable plastic platform. The unit pulls out of the cabinet with ease on heavy-duty, undermount slides, and closes gently and quietly with soft-close technology.

The color-coordinated aluminum side rails offer stability to the bins and conceal slide hardware, and decorative rail accents can be customized to match countertops or cabinetry. The dual garbage bin can be installed in minutes making use of self-aligning brackets secured with 6 screws (included).

The backsplash prohibits debris from falling behind the unit and keeps the hardware mechanism hidden. The solid base is effortless to clean and safeguard cabinets and floors. The undermount slide with soft-close technology means smooth, quiet, and safe operation.



  • Soft close technology
  • Color coordinated aluminum side rails
  • Unique, washable, solid backsplash
  • Decorative rail accents
  • Easy cleanup process


  • Complaints of rails jamming


  1. SUPER DEAL Double Pullout Trash Can

Double Pullout Trash Can

Double Pullout Trash Can
Unlike normal waste bins that will take up room in the kitchen and may get in the way, this pullout designed double trash bin set can be assembled into your cabinet to hide and save kitchen space. Its eco-friendly and dent resistant PP material ensures the waste bins’ durability and hard to be deformed.

The stable chrome-plated steel wire construction frame provides a sturdy base and can hold up to 45 pounds of weight. The chrome plated frame with ball bearing gliders offers a smooth yet stable sliding motion when you pull out or push in the trash bin, easy and convenient.

The product base is already assembled, simply connect the frame to the base and put the trash cans onto the base and simply make use of a screwdriver to install the base into a suitable cabinet, the necessary screws are included.



  • Space saving design
  • Eco-friendly and dent resistant
  • Stable chrome-plated steel wire
  • Can hold up to 45 pounds weight
  • Smooth yet stable sliding motion


  • No cons


  1. Home Zone Living Pull-Out Trash Can

Dual pull out trash can
Dual pull out trash can

This chrome plated steel frame with ball-bearing gliders allows for a smooth and secure sliding motion. You can secure your bag in place without having to go through the hassle of tying it down to prevent it from falling inside the liner.

The chrome plated steel frame with ball-bearing gliders and easy access handle makes this 29 liter pull-out trash bin the ideal solution in the kitchen for an under counter (inside the cabinet) waste management solution.

It slides effortlessly back and forth, and the rubber piece on each can secures tops of bags so they don’t catch when it slides in or out of cabinet. It fits snuggly and securely in 18″ W x21″ H cabinet with inner dimensions of 16&1/2″ W x 19″ H. The product itself measures 15″ W x 19″ H and the rails and sliding system are good sturdy quality.



  • Chrome plated steel frame
  • Easy access handle
  • Features rubber band to tuck in bags
  • Ball-bearing gliders allows for a smooth and secure sliding motion


  • Not great for big families


  1. Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet

2 compartment pull out trash can
2 compartment pull out trash can

For situations that require more than one trash can, Rev-A-Shelf provides the double pullout Waste Container Series. Designed with the same great features as the single Pullout, this series is available in a double 27 Qt. or a double 35 Qt. version.

This unit provides a perfect way to clear your kitchen of unsightly trash by concealing it inside your cabinet. It is constructed with high quality slides, durable wire construction and simple installation.

This pull-out trash container includes double white 35-quart containers for trash storage with a removable handle. The unit can hold 100lbs of waste while fully extended.

NOTE: Cabinet door face, lids and optional door mount kit are not included.

This product is compatible with cabinets without a lid; however, the railing can be raised to work with one. Depending on the cabinet construction and pull hardware, a lid on the rear waste bin may not fully function.



  • Keep waste hidden but easily accessible
  • Constructed with heavy gauge painted metal
  • Wire construction and high-quality slides
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Door mount brackets are not included


  1. Rev-A-Shelf 50-Quart Dual Kitchen Cabinet

dual compartment pull out trash can
dual compartment pull out trash can


Adding trash storage that compliments your kitchen is effortless with this line of beautiful wire framed waste containers. This Undermount Kitchen Cabinet Pullout Waste Containers with Soft Close is available in an array of sizes and it comes in three colors, slides easily on a progressive roller under mount slides and is effortless to install.

Rev-A-Shelf’s 53WC series is going to add a touch of luxury with this modern Italian design and the durability you come to expect. It comes in multiple sizes and 2 finishes to match any kitchen décor. It features a soft-close slides system, patented door mount kit and simple installation.

You can keep your trash concealed but easily accessible with this double 50-quart pull-out waste container. Easily slides in and out on full-extension undermount, 90-pound rated slides with soft close.

The sturdy powder-coated frame and heavy-gauge wire construction mounts to cabinet floor and cabinet door attaches to unit. Dimensions are (W x D x H): 15.5 x 22.25 x 22.875 inches and minimum cabinet opening is 15.5 inches.


  • Durable power-coated frame
  • Heavy-gauge wire construction
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Door mountable
  • Soft-close, full-extension slides


  • No lid included


  1. Knape & Vogt Dual Pull Out Trash Can

Pull Out Trash Can
This dual trash can cabinet features two 35 qt. platinum-colored waste bins, held securely in place on a sliding steel frame. A specialized wire management system keeps bins in place while pulling them out of the cabinet on a Knape & Vogt epoxy-coated, heavy-duty ball bearing precision slides.

The bottom-mount unit offers stability and is pre-assembled for swift installation. It can be installed easily using only 4 screws (included).

The specialized wire management system holds bins securely in place and the easy-open handle comes standard on all three and four bin bottom-mount units and is optional on single and double bin units.



  • Heavy-duty ball bearing precision slides
  • Specialized wire management system
  • Pre-assembled units install easily
  • Optional door-mount bracket
  • Easy-open handle


  • The brackets that attach the frame to the cabinet door are not included.


Buyers guide

Everybody wants a neat and tidy kitchen. Their ideal sight is to see kitchen without debris or any visible furniture so that people can move around freely. When you want a squeaky clean kitchen, storing your trash in a cabinet should be the first in your list.

The material

The body material determines the garbage bins durability. Metal and plastic are what generally make the trash can. The plastic trash cans will not last as long while the metal trash cans can resist mishandling. Also, go for one that has the thin silver coating to make it finger-print proof coating thus it’s effortless to clean.


A Dual Trash Can Cabinet will give you two separate places to store different types of wastes. You can keep the non-recyclable trashes in one compartment, and you can keep the recyclable one in another. These different compartments will assist you in keeping your recyclable trashes for later.


Choosing a shape can be a personal choice, as in deskside or kitchen applications, where it is a matter of personal style. Sometimes, however, the shape has a functional consideration, as in half-round trash cans that are created to preserve space by hugging the wall.

In addition, consider whether or not your trash can need a lid, based on the type of trash it will contain. Open-top trash cans make it effortless to rapidly get rid of items, while trash cans with covers help keep odors contained.

Silent closing

Another shopping criteria every shopper looks for should be the “Silent Closing” feature. With a lid that slams shut, that can be really annoying and aggravating.

Hence, we do recommend you to get a silent-closing trash can; especially if you are going to place it where disturbing sounds are prohibited.

Odor control

That said, you would also have to consider the best kitchen trash can that controls odors so that no one can smell them. Different brands provide different options.

Your kitchen garbage bin should be able to keep odors from infiltrating your kitchen and surrounding areas. With a kitchen trash can that controls odors, your home will definitely remain fresh.


The garbage can capacity is measured by volume (gallons or liters). Most kitchen garbage cans that sit out are approximately 10-13 gallons. If you plan to keep it concealed in a cabinet, something more like 7 gallons or less will work. Then be sure to purchase the right sized bags.


Final recommendation

Our final recommendation will have to go to the Simplehuman 35 Liter Pull-Out Trash Can. SimpleHuman is known for their full-line of step trash can options, but this pull-out also has a great reputation. This trash bin smoothly glides out of the cabinet on commercial-grade full-extension ball-bearing tracks for effortless access to the trash and recycling compartments.



There are tons of great dual trash can options beyond the first cheap thing you happened to purchase the last time you moved.

On the market, the best dual trash can cabinets are made of different types of materials.

It is crucial to know that these materials provide different strengths and weakness. For example, a metal garbage can lasts much longer than a plastic can and does not absorb odors. You just have to know which one suits your needs and requirement and choose the best trash can cabinet.