WENKO Primo Dual Compartment Waste Bin
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WENKO Primo Dual Compartment Waste Bin Review

What are the best trash and recycling bins for sorting your garbage? This depends on your household, requirements and the style you prefer. In the review below we will talk about the WENKO Primo Dual Compartment Waste Bin. Whether you are looking for a trash can with one smaller and one larger compartment, a slim and narrow one that fits tight kitchen spaces or one with a small pocket to store trash bags in, we can deliver.

The garbage can from WENKO is ideal for this, as it is so easy to handle and have the proper volume for any requirements. The classic pedal bin can be effortlessly opened and closed using the foot pedal – leaving your hands free for more important things.

WENKO Primo Dual Compartment Waste Bin

WENKO Primo White Waste Bin Overview


  • Extra large pedal and lid
  • White painted steel
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • Dual compartments


Extra large pedal and lid

With an extra large pedal and lid arresting function for simple operation, this is definitely a high-quality double compartment waste bin with great features for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet or office.

WENKO Primo Dual Compartment Waste Bin

The pedal bin has a capacity of 2 x 20 litres and is perfect as a waste bin for anywhere you deem necessary.

The reinforced hinge makes sure the lid closes softly and securely after removing your feet from the sturdy pedal.

White painted steel

This 2 compartment waste bin is a slim dual garbage can that is relatively tall and made of white painted steel with removable plastic containers and extremely practical handles.

Of course, the two inner containers are fitted with bag fixing elements, and the pedal bin has convenient handles for carrying.

You can also take the buckets out of the trash can for cleaning and the outside of the bin is highly fingerprint-proof.

Anti-fingerprint coating

With convenient anti-fingerprint coating, the attractive shape offers the waste bin a modern appearance. The foot pedals also provide hands-free operation, which is hygienic in use.

This dual recycling bin is constructed of heavy-duty materials and has a fingerprint-proof matte finish and the side handles make it convenient for you to pick up the container.


Dual compartments

The rectangular WENKO Primo Dual Compartment Waste Bin is a well-built and stylish looking recycling bin for your kitchen.

dual compartment for waste and recyclables

The multi compartment trash can for waste and recyclables is beautifully created, durable and effortless to use and includes waste separation by means of two separate containers to separate waste effortlessly on a manner with colored marking.



  • Extra large pedal
  • Made of white painted steel
  • Removable plastic containers
  • Anti-fingerprint coating


  • Lid may not fully open vertically



The WENKO Primo Dual Compartment Waste Bin is a sleek and stylish looking dual trash can and thanks to the slim profile the recycle bin can sit flush up against any wall. Most people utilize it for sorting their recyclables from their garbage.

The two-compartment recycle bin is perfect to use at home, but can also be used in the office, in your car or even on a boat. If you want to sort your trash, then a dual trash can is a perfect solution for it.

Furthermore, a trash recycle combo looks clean and is efficient to make use of for you, your family and possible guests.